Monday, August 13, 2007

Bob the Builder

Ansel's new obsession...(and I do mean obsession) is Bob the Builder. We got him a little video way back at Christmas time and he's never really cared for it.. until this past month. Now he can't get enough of it. I think he says "bob" more than mom or dad. (Well, maybe not "dad"....about an hour before it's time for Cody to get home, he talks about daddy non-stop!) Anyway, he gets a glimpse of big building vehicles, or any bob merchandise, and goes on and on about "Bob!" Very cute.. but I'm learning how old some kids movies can get!!! Here's a couple of pictures of him hard at work helping daddy "build" a bookcase.

Getting down closer for a better look!

Getting very serious about it!

Crashed out after a hard day's work!

Bouncing Baby Boy

Just a little clip of some of Ansel's dancing! This was actually about a month ago.. but anytime he hears music he loves to dance!