Friday, August 21, 2009

Wind Rivers Wyoming!

We had our family vacation this past week and went backpacking in the mountains along with Cody's parents and our niece Jewell. We had a great week! (although morning sickness did hit a little harder while I was there! I seemed to do pretty okay though as long as we were hiking. The day we didn't hike at all I felt the worst! So apparently I just need to make myself walk all day long!)

Here's a link to the pictures from the trip!

Make new friends .. but KEEP THE OLD!!

I had a fun surprise this summer. One of my old roommates said she and her family were driving through our town! So we met up for a few minutes! This is my roommate Katie.. and her three cuties, Lily, Eve, and Abigail. (and one on the way!) The last time I saw her, her oldest was about 6 months old.. so it's been a few years! It was fun to see you again KT(and your family)!

Sneddon Family Reunion

So this was from WAY back in June (hmm.. kind of like my last post was..) ... but I thought I'd still put up some pics! Thanks to Cody's sister Melinda for getting this all together! It was great to get to know some of the extended family better.. we had a lot of fun! So I'd been slacking on updating here because it was easier to just put up the pics on facebook.. (not that I put them on there until today either... haha.. I have no excuses..) but still, they now let me put a link to the albums so even those without facebook can see it...Yea! That makes it easier and then a million photos don't take up the whole blog post!

So here's the link for those who want to see the other pics..