Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hide and seek

Ansel sometimes likes to play hide and seek with Daddy before bedtime. He found a new spot to hide... (although he did need a little bit of help getting it zipped up. The other pictures are of him in his cute new pajamas.

Babying our puppy?

I came out to find this the other day.. I guess she found one of Ansel's really old pacifiers in his toy box. (Didn't know there were any around still!) She's quite fond of it though.

Also, she's a kind of puppy that doesn't maintain their body temperature well. She'll sit there shivering sometimes.. with some of the weather we've had lately. So I gave in a bought her a sweater... (Ansel picked it out because it had the little fuzzy balls on it.) She wasn't sure of it at first.. as in that first picture, but she doesn't mind it at all now if she's cold (usually that's the only time we put it on.. if she's shivering).

My life is a little easier thanks to this product!!

So, I was at Wal-mart the other day when I came across this oh so wonderful thing... Ansel's potty-trained.. but only at home, where he can use his little potty. He has a potty insert seat as well that we can take to places like grandma and grandpa's house, etc. Stores however have been another story. Ansel's still only 23 lbs.. so real potties are quite large to him (and he's still too short to stand up and pee.. with a real potty anyway) Needless to say the toilets in public are quite big for him and he would refuse to even try them (he'd just cling to me and not even try to go.. don't blame him though.. he did look like he could fall in pretty easy!) This thing folds up nice and compact and fits easily in his little mini backpack (with extra clothes of course..just in case.) It doesn't fit great on home ones, but is perfect for the kinds you find in public. Anyway, he finally decided it would be okay to go while we're in public. Not to mention it's nice knowing he's the only one using that thing. One step closer to being fully potty trained! (We still haven't messed with it at night time.. although he is usually dry after nap time, and will take his diaper off when he wakes up to go potty.)

Maple Leaf Parade

A couple of weekends ago was the annual Maple Leaf Festival here in Carthage. We only went to the parade.. which started only a few blocks from our house. Ansel had fun dancing to all the bands in it. He liked the kettle corn too.

Just for Cody... he works as a recruiter at CFI.. (well, it's actually Conway now)

Ansel with the kettle corn.. the bag's almost as big as him!

A view of the parade at the square.. We do have a pretty courthouse.