Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More family fun!

With the wedding this weekend, we ended up with lots of family in town... even ALL the Sneddon grandchildren together at the same time!

Grandma and Grandpa Sneddon with all the grandkids, from oldest to youngest (L-R): Jewell (5..almost 6), Kaley (5), Evan (3), Kelsey (will be 3 next week!)and Camille (10 months)with Grandpa, and Lindsey (almost 7 months) and Ansel with Grandma.

Then we gathered the kids, spouses and grandkids together to attempt another little photo session! We got Grandma and Grandpa Hansen to join the crowd also.

Lindsey and Ansel are starting to become a little more interactive ... it's pretty fun watching them play.

Grandpa's new motorcycle might look fun, but no ideas for another 20 years!!!

Happy 1st Father's day Cody!

We took Brett, Melinda, Evan & Camille down to Tulsa area so they could visit a friend before flying home to Idaho. On the trip back, we got to visit Aunt Stacey, Uncle Doug and Ansel's cousins, Harrison and Lawrence.

*On a side note, Ansel visited the doctor today to get more shots... he now weighs 12 lbs, 10 oz. and almost 24 inches long! His pediatrician said he looks just like a four month old.. so he's working on making up the three month difference!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Aunt Lorelle gets married!

Well, this weekend was an eventful one! Ansel's Aunt Lorelle (Cody's little sister) got married on Friday to John Luckey. He's in the Marines and stationed in South Carolina where they will be living for awhile. She was quite the beautiful bride!

Ansel's cousins Kelsey and Kaley playing in the fountain

The Sneddon siblings (L-R) Russell, Kim, Melinda, Lorelle, Rachel and Cody

Our little family

Ansel with Lorelle after the reception

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6 months old!

Today Ansel hits his 6 month birthday! It is also his cousin Emma's third birthday today. Happy Birthday Emma! He got to meet his cousins from Louisiana this week. (Olivia-5 Emma-3 and Karina-1) (My sister Roya's three girls.) Her husband Carlo is in the army and stationed at Fort Polk.
Later this week Ansel's Aunt Lorelle is getting married and he'll get to meet up with more family... two family reunions two weekends in a row... not bad!
Last week Ansel was 11 lbs. 14 oz, so I imagine he's a little over 12 pounds now.

We also tested him out on a little rice cereal.. mostly a couple of bites. At this point its more for entertainment than nutrition.. he smiled a lot and got it everywhere except in his stomach!

Sometimes the thumb just isn't enough

Olivia... Starts 1st grade next year; Decided (during Emma's birthday party) she didn't like September anymore.. June is a much better birthday month.

Emma...tough little girl. This past week she was in the hospital for several days after they found out she has diabetes. Big adjustment for any age, especially for only being three.

Karina.. specializes in walking and giving out kisses.