Monday, February 27, 2006

6 lbs. and ready to go home... again!

Ansel hit six pounds last night! He will return home sometime this afternoon. Despite the setback, he will still come home a few days before his due date, which was March 3rd. He got his last dose of steroids this morning and will come home with oxygen and breathing treatments. He's very happy about being able to eat as much as he wants (around 3 ounces), and is no longer shy about letting the nurses... or anyone within hearing range...know when he is ready to eat again!
As for me, my incision is nearly healed. I expect it to finish closing within the next week or two. Since my kidneys are back to normal, I was able to have an IV contrast catscan this morning to get a better picture of my liver "abnormalities". They suspect it's merely blood clots which should disappear with time. Hopefully the catscan will confirm that so we can put an end to that issue!

I want my bottle NOW!!

Ansel takes a break after successfully teaching daddy the importance of using a burp rag while wearing a white dress shirt.

Monday, February 20, 2006


Ansel has now tested negative for the flu, so he is out of isolation. It might take a week or two yet for his lungs to recover, but he's looking much better! He's responding well to the steroids which they plan on giving him for just a few days. He's also doing well with his bottles once again. Last night he weighed 5lbs. 10 ounces.

Daddy Doctor

Meditation. . . Ansel's secret to enduring long hospital stays?

Hi Mommy!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Sunday Evening

Kerri & Cody are both feeling better after the bout with the flu. Taking advantage of babysitting services via the NICU, they were able to get out for a date during the weekend! Able to visit Ansel a couple of times a day, Kerri reported that Ansel looked much better on Saturday evening. Ansel has bronchial pneumonia, but seems to be recovering from his flu. Steroids were begun once again to help Ansel's lungs. When visiting Ansel, Kerri & Cody are masked and gowned and look just like doctors! We even saw a picture of Cody wearing a stethoscope, looking very official. We appreciate everyone's prayers and concern. Hopefully, in another week things will settle down and Ansel can try the "go home" thing once again!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Wednesday Evening

Kerri is feeling better after her bout with the flu. Still having daily visits from the nurse who dresses her stomach incision, hopefully, one day soon it will be fully closed! Kerri was feeling well enough to visit Ansel in the NICU Tuesday and Wednesday. She only gets to stay a few minutes, but she is grateful for any time with the baby.

Cody was still feeling the effects of the flu when we visited Tuesday night. I got a call today from one of his professors at MSSU who missed Cody in class on Tuesday. The professor was so nice and full of compliments about what a special young man Cody is! It made a mother VERY proud! Saying that being around Cody brightens everyone, we know that is true. We don't know of anyone who doesn't love Kerri & Cody!

Ansel is being fed by tubes once again, but he is still gaining weight--5 lbs. 7 ozs. at last weigh-in! Working hard to recover from the flu, he has had fewer apnea spells the last couple of days. We are grateful for those special nurses in the NICU that take such good care of Ansel and watch him so closely!

Hanging In There

I went and saw Ansel. He's doing a little better but still seems pretty miserable. He's been quarantined in a back room in the NICU and has a nurse all to himself each shift. (Big thanks to the nurses who spend their whole 12 hour shift in one little room!) He's been off of the CPAP machine for a couple of days now, although he's still on a higher flow of oxygen. He was put on a newer oxygen machine today that provides more moisture and should help keep his airway from being so dried out. He seemed A LOT bigger! He weighed in at 5lbs. 7ounces last night and was actually wearing the newborn size diapers! He's being fed through a feeding tube rather than by bottle, as he is still expending too much energy on breathing. His amount of formula was increased today, which made the hungry little guy happier! Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and support!

We'd also like to send out a huge thank you to Carthage Junior High for the basket shower and money that was gathered together. It was very kind of all of you to do that for us. Thanks for all the adorable outfits, blankets, and gifts. Oh, and I loved the huge card and enjoyed reading all the comments! I miss you all.

Cody and I are feeling much better and hope to steer clear of further winter sicknesses so that it will be safer for Ansel next time he makes it home! We knew he'd be very susceptible to everything, but seeing the effect the flu had on him gave us quite the scare. He hadn't left the room since he got home, we had face masks and washed our hands so much they were cracking and bleeding, yet it only took a few days to send him back to the hospital. It opened my eyes to how important it will be to really take all possible precautions we can with him until he gets stronger. Thanks again to all who've helped us along the way!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Flu season

Well, we got word that Ansel has the flu. We are just very grateful that he's back in the NICU with the wonderful doctors and nurses who know him and provide such good care. He's on the CPAP machine and a couple of antibiotics and will be watched closely with his apnea spells. I (Kerri) came down with flu symptoms the day after he got home, and Cody woke up with the symptoms this morning, so the updates we will receive on him will be by phone contact for awhile. Saturday was a pretty scary day so we're relieved he's where he needs to be right now.

On the upnote, Ansel's hospital pictures have now been posted online,temporarily, so use the link below to check them out. If you're asked for a password, it is Sneddon.


Breathing Difficulties for Ansel - Back in the NICU

Saturday Ansel began having breathing issues and was admitted back into the NICU during the evening. An infection is suspected.

He is in an isolet on the CPAP. We hope he will stabilize without being vented.

The NICU will be home for at least a few days while things work out.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Ansel Is Home

Ansel left the hospital today at about 11:30am, and is now at Jack & Wilma Sneddon's home in Joplin. Mom and Dad spent last night at the hospital getting briefed on the equipment attached to Ansel, mostly O2 and various monitors.

Feeding times are about every four hours. The scales showed his weight at 4lbs 13ozs when they left the hospital.

Leaving the hospital accomplishes a big step. For the next few months, we are hoping for boredom - quiet steady growth without excitement. Pictures will be posted since Ansel will not be taken out for visits until about April.

Thanks for all the support from our friends and family.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ansel - Homeward Bound

Sunday night may be Ansel's last night in the NICU. Eating and growing well, doctors are preparing to release him Tuesday. Monday night, Ansel will be moved to a hospital room where Mom and Dad will practice with the equipment that will come home with him.

Tuesday, Ansel will move into Great-Grandparents Jack and Wilma's home in Joplin to continue growing and gaining weight. For perspective, we are still about four weeks from the due date. Ansel will be protected from infections by keeping him in and limiting visitors until sometime in April. Checkups by a visiting nurse a few times a week are scheduled.

This milestone is a tremendous gift. We owe everyone involved a debt of gratitude. The doctors and nurses have been terrific. Prayers, fasting, and well wishes from many great people across the country have really lifted our family. We thank you all.

...and please bless Mommy and Daddy....

Oh Man, that new preemie is loud!

Dad, what comes after 10?

I can hold my own bottle.

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