Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Hanging In There

I went and saw Ansel. He's doing a little better but still seems pretty miserable. He's been quarantined in a back room in the NICU and has a nurse all to himself each shift. (Big thanks to the nurses who spend their whole 12 hour shift in one little room!) He's been off of the CPAP machine for a couple of days now, although he's still on a higher flow of oxygen. He was put on a newer oxygen machine today that provides more moisture and should help keep his airway from being so dried out. He seemed A LOT bigger! He weighed in at 5lbs. 7ounces last night and was actually wearing the newborn size diapers! He's being fed through a feeding tube rather than by bottle, as he is still expending too much energy on breathing. His amount of formula was increased today, which made the hungry little guy happier! Thanks to everyone for your continued prayers and support!

We'd also like to send out a huge thank you to Carthage Junior High for the basket shower and money that was gathered together. It was very kind of all of you to do that for us. Thanks for all the adorable outfits, blankets, and gifts. Oh, and I loved the huge card and enjoyed reading all the comments! I miss you all.

Cody and I are feeling much better and hope to steer clear of further winter sicknesses so that it will be safer for Ansel next time he makes it home! We knew he'd be very susceptible to everything, but seeing the effect the flu had on him gave us quite the scare. He hadn't left the room since he got home, we had face masks and washed our hands so much they were cracking and bleeding, yet it only took a few days to send him back to the hospital. It opened my eyes to how important it will be to really take all possible precautions we can with him until he gets stronger. Thanks again to all who've helped us along the way!

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