Sunday, February 05, 2006

Ansel - Homeward Bound

Sunday night may be Ansel's last night in the NICU. Eating and growing well, doctors are preparing to release him Tuesday. Monday night, Ansel will be moved to a hospital room where Mom and Dad will practice with the equipment that will come home with him.

Tuesday, Ansel will move into Great-Grandparents Jack and Wilma's home in Joplin to continue growing and gaining weight. For perspective, we are still about four weeks from the due date. Ansel will be protected from infections by keeping him in and limiting visitors until sometime in April. Checkups by a visiting nurse a few times a week are scheduled.

This milestone is a tremendous gift. We owe everyone involved a debt of gratitude. The doctors and nurses have been terrific. Prayers, fasting, and well wishes from many great people across the country have really lifted our family. We thank you all.

...and please bless Mommy and Daddy....

Oh Man, that new preemie is loud!

Dad, what comes after 10?

I can hold my own bottle.

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Brett & Melinda Richardson said...

Cody & Kerri,

Congratulations on taking Ansel home! We are so happy for you all. Good luck over the next few months as he continues to gain health and strength. He sure is a cutie! We have loved the pictures. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on all the happenings and continue to do so!

Take care, and enjoy having your new baby home with you!

Melinda & Brett

Grampa Miller said...

Hi Kerri & Cody!

It's so good to hear Ansel's going home! I'd love to be there...

Thought I'd give you a couple of captions for the #2 & #3 pics. (countinc from the top)

#2: "I think I drank that last bottle too fast!"

#3: "Hold it right there! No More thermometers you know where!

I love you and hope all continues to go well.

Monica Clinesmith said...

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that I've been following the pictures and updates, and it's so wonderful to see that everyone's doing so well. I was recently studying for my PT boards, and one of the topics that I had to review was preemies. Studying some of the different health consideration that come into play, it's made me even more thankful than I was that Ansel has been doing so well. God is clearly at work here. You've been in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to be as you take this next step.

God bless!


Dale Sneddon said...

Thanks Monica for chiming in. Feel free to share any info/view point that we may be lacking here. Your medical background would add some, given the authors' expertise is limited to bandaids and such.

Bill, those are funny captions. At least they are tasteful, an improvement over some of ours.

We got news Monday night that they are going to keep Ansel a bit longer. He wasn't eating as well, and seemed worn out, so they want to make sure he is rested and going well before changing his settings again. We should learn more tonight and post something.