Friday, March 28, 2008

Easter eggs

The cousins all got to color and decorate the easter eggs together. We had a little hunt outside, which Ansel loved... he loved it even more when he discovered the chocolate inside of the eggs! We let him take some of it with us (after the egg hunt we left to meet up with my friend.. that's when he became a little mess in the car seat!) A couple of the pictures are actually from easter Sunday when we were back home in Missouri.

Fun at Great Grandma and Grandpa's

We had such a fun visit! Ansel's cousins, Evan and Camille got to come down too (they live in Idaho). Sorry Melinda (and Rachel ), but I LOVE this last picture!! Camille decided to try out Aunt Rachel's new makeup! I guess they do try to grow up too fast!


I also got to visit with my old roommate Annie while I was there! We met up in Salt Lake at Gateway shopping mall. She's due to have a little boy in June! Hopefully Ansel didn't scare her of that too much! :) It was so good to see her again!

As you can see, Ansel loved the fountains!! I had to go buy him an outfit afterwards though, since I'd already changed him after he spilled water all over himself at lunch. (Not to mention got chocolate all over it on the ride to Salt Lake.. there'll be a picture of that later though)

Conference Center

We took a tour of the Conference Center also. I'd been there before for Conference, but I hadn't been up on the roof. Ansel loved it there!! (outside anyway). Most of the pictures are from the roof area. Ansel loved the water, and the ledges were a perfect height for driving around his car!

Salt Lake City

We had a very fun week last week, going to see Cody's grandparents who live in Brigham City. It was a long drive, but Ansel didn't do too bad (thank goodness for the little DVD player and his cousin Jewell being there!) He definitely had his moments though (once after the DVD player decided it needed a break!) Also, when he was getting ready for a break from the car seat, he'd yell, "I stuck, I stuck". Under one panicked moment, he yelled, "BIG stuck!!" I'll have a few posts from the week, but first I'll put some pictures (mostly) from when we visited temple square.

The last picture is of the Logan Temple where we also went while there. It was so nice to have so many temples nearby! (Especially when the nearest ones back home are 4-5 hours away!)

What's wrong with this picture?

I was trying to get Ansel ready for a bath one night. I told him the water was ready, and it was time for his bath. He kept running off, not wanting to take one just yet. I went and grabbed his towel and washcloth and then went to go find where he had run off too, when I peeked in the bathroom and there he was, diaper, clothes, shoes and all! He played for a few minutes, but it didn't take him long to realize maybe that wasn't the best idea!

Welcome to the family Braden

Braden is the newest addition (on Cody's side) of the family. He was born February 13th and we got to go see him several weeks ago, so here are a few pictures from then!
(Pictures in order):
Cody and Braden, Rachel and Braden, Lindsey dancing for us, Kelsey on her bike, and Kaley, Ansel, Jewell, and Kelsey... Ansel was so proud to be on the tricycle! He wants to see the bikes every time we go to the store!