Friday, March 28, 2008

Salt Lake City

We had a very fun week last week, going to see Cody's grandparents who live in Brigham City. It was a long drive, but Ansel didn't do too bad (thank goodness for the little DVD player and his cousin Jewell being there!) He definitely had his moments though (once after the DVD player decided it needed a break!) Also, when he was getting ready for a break from the car seat, he'd yell, "I stuck, I stuck". Under one panicked moment, he yelled, "BIG stuck!!" I'll have a few posts from the week, but first I'll put some pictures (mostly) from when we visited temple square.

The last picture is of the Logan Temple where we also went while there. It was so nice to have so many temples nearby! (Especially when the nearest ones back home are 4-5 hours away!)

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