Monday, September 17, 2007

Enjoying the Outdoors

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yesterday was Cody's birthday. After church we had dinner and enjoyed the beautiful weather over at Grandma and Grandpa's. Ansel loves being outside and really had fun exploring the yard with Jewell!

Snuggling up with Great Grandma

Ready for bed. . .

Ansel got these p.j.'s from Korea.. one of my students sent them shortly after he was born (along with several other cute pairs) and he finally fits them!

Fun things to do at Grandma and Grandpa's house

There's always fun things to do....

like "fixing" the vacuum. . .

or helping out with dusting. .

snuggling up with Aunt Rachel. . .

and attacking her with the duster!

There are also fun things to find in the playroom. . .

like shiny purple beads. . .

or a drawer full of barbies. . .

or getting dressed up to go horse back riding!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Finally 20 lbs!!!!

Well, Ansel FINALLY hit 20 lbs at his doctor appointment the other day!!! (They weighed him clothes and all, but still, we'll take it!!) He's been hanging out in the 19 lbs range forever, so it was exciting that he finally hit 20. (and finally hit 30" long as well) The past couple of weeks we started him on Pediasure (which we've given to him here and there, but now that's his main source of milk, and it seems to be helping out more than just adding more calories to the formula.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Catching a "dog"

We caught a big grasshopper in Ansel's room the other day. He was pretty excited about it.

He kept saying and signing "dog" (well he altered the sign a little and pats his chest instead of his leg) Quite a few animals are "dogs" right now. He knows duck, cow,and cat (with their correct sounds) but many other animals are dogs that make a monkey sound! He'll get it all figured out one of these days!
When we let it go... he caught it in his hand right as it started to fly away!

Fun at the park

Just some more cute pictures

Me and my cousin Jewell in Daddy's hammock. . .
Ansel loves his cousin! Quick story. . . he got so excited to see her at church Sunday. We were holding him and he leaned down to give her a huge hug! While we were all "ah"ing about how cute it was, he sneakily grabbed the little bag of cookies out of her hand and popped right back up! So, he loves his cousins, but he loves cookies too!

Watching "Bob"on a trip to Springfield

Swimming fun

It's been a month or so.... but here are pics from when we took Ansel swimming.. which he loved of course!

Yikes! not what I was intending to capture! Good thing for padded diapers!

Relaxing with Daddy afterwards in the hammock!

(for some reason he kept making that puckered lip face whenever we set him in the hammock!)

Cute sleeper

Here's just a few of my sleeping poses!!

Both arms up!

In the very corner, cross legged and poking an eye!

Arm twisted upward

Snuggled with my blankie

All sprawled out! ..... Can you tell that mommy thinks I look cute when I sleep?