Monday, January 30, 2006

Growing Fast!

Hello to everyone! This is Cody and Kerri actually updating the blog today. We want to thank everyone for all of your comments, prayers, and support. We've enjoyed hearing all of your comments. They have lifted our spirits during this long ordeal. We appreciate Mom and Dad for all the work they've done to keep everyone updated, and we'll try to do our best.. between hospital visits of course... to continue to update you on his progress.
On to the important news... as mentioned yesterday, Ansel is now a big boy... resting in one of the big kid beds! He now weighs 4lbs. 4ounces and is downing bottles eight times a day. He no longer needs any feedings through a tube, so they were able to remove that today. His progress from one bottle a day to eight, in only one week, has been astounding. We look forward to having him home before too long. He's definitely moving fast in that direction. He also received his second RSV vaccination today. He will get those once a month through April, as October to April are the high risk months for cold infections. The NICU staff are also thrilled with his progress, yet are sad because it means soon they won't be seeing him. They won't even use the dreaded four letter "H" word near him. But for us, we look forward to having our family reunited at home.


Brett & Melinda Richardson said...


Ansel is looking great. What great news of moving to a big bed! Pretty soon he will be free from all his "attachments" and you will have a cordless baby! What a great feeling it was to walk freely with Camille after only two days of being "chained" to machines. You won't know what to do with all the freedom! I am getting so excited for you all! Sounds like the count down is on until homeward bound!

You are always in our thoughts and so many people here in Boise are asking how my sis-in-law and nephew are doing. You are loved by all!

Brett & Melinda

Jeanne Sneddon said...

It was a great surprise to see the blog updated without our help! Sounding like I better get busy and get a room ready for Ansel, he'll be home before we know it! What great progress since we talked to Kerri & Cody on Sunday. No more feeding tube--what super news! I love Melinda's comment--"a cordless baby". It will be a wonderful day to see no more tubes, but how grateful we are for those lifeline tubes that have gotten Ansel this far.
We love you all so much!
Mom Sneddon

Jay Sneddon said...

The news continues to be outstanding. We would have never forseen such a pair of miracles in Ansel and Kerri.

It isn't possible to overstate how concerned Gina and I were when we learned of the situation in December. I quietly confided such to Grandma Sneddon at the time, as the reality was very grave.

Most families in such circumstances do not have such positive outcomes as this one is having. Truly, this is a pair of miracles. In our minds, you cannot quantify it in any other way. Faith and prayers do indeed work.

May God continue to bless this family. We indeed owe Him a multitude of thanks.

cassandra said...

So very glad to here Kerri has been released. I kept hesitating to go to the hospital to visit, not wanting to overwelm. While visiting with friends on Friday I was strongly encouraged to visit. All the ladies just knew that getting visits was a good thing. Several had been in simular situations. We all thought Kerri was supposed to get to go home any time (I hadn't been on to check the sight in about a week). Come to find out she had been home for a few days already. I wanted to check the sight today really quick before finally heading over there. Maybe I will at least get to see that beautiful baby!! So very glad that Heavenly Father continues to bless you with health and improvement.

Love, Cassandra

Anonymous said...

Wow--what a piggie! It took Benjamin forever to get that many bottles! I am so excited for you! Let me know when I can come see you again.

Aaron Reed

Barbra Van Shaar said...

We really like hearing all the good news from you these days! It's good to "bear one another's burdens" but it's more fun to rejoice with those who rejoice! Congratulations!

Gene & Barbra Van Shaar