Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday Night

The special cleaning machine attached to Kerri is working well. The debris from her incision is being vacuumed up. The incision is pinking up, healing better.

There is now talk of a release date for Kerri - Monday Jan 16th. This date is based on 10 more days of use with the cleaning machine.

Kerri has been able to increase her food intake slightly each day, mostly based on dry cereals. Dialysis continues three times a week. Doctors ultrasounded her liver today, still checking things out.

Ansel has graduated to a larger diaper. At 2lbs 12ozs he is still little, but the loads have increased. Feedings are not continuous any more, but are now given at three hour intervals. Cody says he is the cutest baby in the NICU. We don't disagree. Window watcher notice: Ansel moved to a different room - ask for directions to the new window, or just look for fresh nose prints. Kerri and Cody hold Ansel once a day and change his diaper.

The Millers plan to visit from Springfield on Sunday.

Mom and Baby continue to make progress each day. Thanks for all the prayers.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kerry and Cody,

Want you both to know that we are thinking of every day. Have to agree with you, Ansel is a cutie! Thank you for sharing the pictures. We wish you only the best and hope that each day is a better one. ((Hugs))

Janet and Randy

Jim & Esther said...

Kerri and Cody, we rejoice with you in the continued progress of Kerri and Ansel. We pray that Heavenly Father continues to bless you and your family with his healing touch, love and blessings along with everyone else's prayers. You are a very special family. We love looking at the pictures posted and the updated notices. Love to you all Jim and Esther

Barbra Van Shaar said...

Greetings. I haven't written for a few days but always check this site for the updates. Thank you Dale & Jeanne for sharing the progress of Kerri & Ansel with us.
Kerri, it is exciting to think that there may be an end in sight to your hospital stay! The vacuum machine sounds strange, but how nice that it's helping. We hope that the tests on your liver will be encouraging.
It's fun to hear that Ansel continues to grow and has outgrown his diapers! He is indeed a cutie in the pictures. Wish we could see him in person.
Your family has been in our prayers repeatedly today as we have fasted for your recovery. Have a great new week,
Much Love,
Barbra Van Shaar

Anonymous said...

Kerri & Cody,

You are in my thoughts and prayers. This is an amazing recovery! I enjoy hearing about the progress Kerri and Ansel are making every day.

Thank you Jeanne and Dale for helping us all watch the progress of little Ansel and Kerri.

I can't wait for the next post!

Mindy Curphy
Kansas City, MO