Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Morning

Happy Birthday, Ansel! Today Ansel is one month old. Weighing in on Wed. evening at 3lbs. 4 ozs., he had the Cpap removed on Thursday and is breathing on his own again. Kerri relinquished her rights of cuddling Ansel Thursday night and Cody got to hold him. Cody and Kerri only get to hold him once a day, so that was a big sacrifice for Kerri.

Kerri is facing a multitude of procedures today: dialysis, the redressing of the wound, and a liver doctor is coming in to see her. Doctors suspect that the spots they are seeing on the liver is more blood clotting, but they most likely will do a MRI today, possibly a biopsy, to determine what is going on there. The dye test the doctors would like to do is not possible because of the dialysis. Kerri will be pretty busy today--no boredom there! Her spirits remain high and looking forward to perhaps a release from the hospital next week.


Anonymous said...

Dear Kerri and Cody,

Wonderful to hear how well Ansel is doing! Sounds like you had a very full day on Friday. Hoping the tests will be successful in helping the doctors find the answers they need. We continue to watch your blog for updates and new pictures. Thinking of you and your family and hoping today is a good day!

Janet and Randy

Anonymous said...

Dear Cody, Kerri & Ansel;

I am so glad that Cody and Kerri are reading to Ansel.

Do you own a copy of the "Little Engine That Could?" If not, I want to buy a copy for you.

Ben & Marian