Wednesday, January 04, 2006

January 4th, 2006

A quick note tonight on progress for Kerri and Ansel. Ansel is doing great! He weighs in at 2 lbs. 12 ozs! We are very excited about his progress. Kerri and Cody change his diapers, take his temperature, and are learning all about Ansel's attached monitors. The little family is adapting well to life in the NICU. As always, the nurses are very helpful and kind.

Kerri has been able to keep some food down. Hungry, and wishing she could eat, some foods are finally starting to sound good to her. Mostly relying on small snacks to sustain her, we are hoping she can regain her strength as her stomach settles back down.

A vacuum machine to promote healing by cleaning tissue and stretching cells is attached to Kerri's abdomen. Visiting medical students come in and are fascinated by the new machine. We wonder if they know of her miraculous history. Dialysis was given again today. Kerri says she can sleep through the process for a few hours and get some much needed rest.

Kerri and Cody are hopeful that Kerri will be able to come home soon. We will be looking forward to that day!


Anonymous said...

We just recieved a nice card and some cheese from the Sneddon family for making them dinner one night. We cannot believe thier kindness to thank us for helping them out in a time of need. We feel like we should be giving to them and they give to us. That just shows what a great family the Sneddon's are. Thanks again and we wish you continued improvement and hope that you can go home very soon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri, Cody and baby,
We continue to pray for your health and the baby's also. How thankful we are for modern medicine and the blessing it is in times such as this. We are so impressed with how you are handling things, however, we're not surprised. We have always known you could and would do whatever the Lord ask of you. We love you! Paul and Tina Jarvis

Dale Sneddon said...

Thank you Anonymous. The check is in the mail.

Really kind people are those who help, but don't have to. Throughout the Christmas Holidays, we received meals, cards, visits, and calls from many concerned friends and family members.

The turning point for Kerri, when she was clinging to life in the ICU, coincided with the Prayers & Fasting of our Church members and many others.

We are acutely aware of some who are praying for Kerri and Ansel have lost little ones or had poor outcomes, despite their own faith and prayers. The fact that Ansel is doing well is a miracle that they didn't enjoy. These Christ-like people seem so heroically unselfish when it would be easy to be bitter. These are our heros. They know to leave things in the Lord's hands and accept His decisions.

Many are quick to help. A week ago, on a holiday, several showed up unasked to spend a day working with us. Despite encouragement to go home and spend valuable time with their family, several stayed the whole day. They didn't have to do that.

We are surrounded by great people with great love. For us, the medical outcome will be in doubt for some time, but the Brotherly Love test results are very clear.

Dale & Jeanne