Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tuesday Night

After several days of small steps, Tuesday was a really good day. Kerri ate better today, and Ansel is now at 3lbs 7ozs. Kidneys now operate at 30 percent, letting Kerri skip dialysis today.

Ansel is being weaned off the CPap, 6 hours on, 6 hours off. He slept better and cried less. He really hates the CPap. Kerri held him this morning, and Cody held him tonight. Doctors have also decreased the steroid treatment for his breathing.

Wednesday, Doctors will continue to work on Kerri's incision, which continues to be a concern. Kerri's spirits continue to be high, as always. We continue to hear compliments from the nursing staff of her sweet and strong character.

Cody started back to MSSU, working Monday, Wednesday and Friday. School Tuesday and Thursday.

This small family is an inspiration.


Kimberly Cleveland said...

What a great family picture! I love it. Kerri, you look beautiful.

I am anxious to see you all in person. We are all healthy now. I want to see this cute miracle baby nephew of mine! I am so glad that he is putting on the weight.

Our prayers continue for your family. Good luck, Cody, with school and everything else on your plate. Kerri, you are my inspiration. Sometimes I catch myself complaining about things like lack of sleep or whatever--and then I think of you and feel utterly ashamed of myself!! I love you all.

Amyjoy Price said...


Hello, I am friends with Melinda and Brett and I just wanted to write. My husband and I have been praying for you since you had Ansel and wanted you to know that.
I have had 3 routine C-sections and they were painful recoveries, but I never had to deal with anything close to what you are going through. I think you are so brave. I pray that your incisions will heal quickly, that you will be able to eat anything you want, and that all will go well for you, Ansel, and Cody. What a tiny baby you had and how well he is doing already! What a blessing.

Your new friends in Boise,
Amyjoy and Todd Price

Anonymous said...

Hi Cody, Kerri and Ansel,
Just a quick good morning from Paul and Tina Jarvis. We continue to pray for you and think about you constantly. What troupers you are. My Dad has a saying, which he always says to me when I think I have a problem or don't know what to do about something. The only advice he ever gives is: "Continue to march!" And what a good job you all are doing of continuing to march! We're inspired by your strength. We're also grateful to live in a time of technology when we can have daily updates on your progress without having to bother you or your family. Thanks to grandma or grandpa or whomever is writing the updates. We love you and pray for continued progress!
Paul and Tina Jarvis