Monday, January 02, 2006

New Year 2006

Cody and Kerri celebrated New Years in the NICU holding Ansel. The nurses provided sparkling punch to all present that watched the clock roll to 2006. Sunday, the Millers - Bill, Joyce, & Eden spent the day.

Ansel weighs in at two pounds seven ounces, gaining nicely. His feedings have increased to 7.5 CCs per hour of formula. The PICC line was recently removed due to clotting, but since he has achieved full feedings, it isn't necessary to replace the PICC. The preemie tests continue to look good - heart okay, brain okay etc.

Kerri continues to have dialysis three times a week. Wet compresses are put on her tummy to aid the healing of her incision. Doctors plan to use a vacuum device to clean the wound later this week. Eating continues to be a problem, as Kerri can't hold much down. Cody went home to devil some eggs, an attempt to find something Kerri can hold on to. Success! Kerri ate a half egg, with some soy milk, and it stayed. Always cheerful, Kerri's good attitude continues despite the challenges.

Kerri and Cody thank everyone for your visits, comments, notes, and calls.


Barbra Van Shaar said...

Kerri & Cody,
I've just been reading the newest info here and re-reading some of the recent past postings. Also, your mom, Kerri, sent an email yesterday that tells of some of the comments the medical staff there have made about your case. It looks like all are agreed that you two are a miracle mom and a miracle baby! There is also considerable evidence that Cody must be "Mr. Incredible". It is wonderful to see the three members of your tiny family, working to overcome such a difficult set of circumstances, supported by your great parents and siblings, gifted medical staff, and a host of others who care very much about you. It is clear that you have been greatly blessed.

Kerri, your positive attitude has been mentioned regularly and I find that amazing. If I 'm ever sick, please call me and coach me on that. I tend to get down and discouraged if I have a cold for more than two days! It shows great strength of character that you are able to maintain such a good outlook and surely that will aid your recovery. The pictures in this most recent post show that cheerful smile of yours and it is good to see. You look like a happy, contented mom, even though you and Cody have spent your first weeks as parents in a very unusual way.

You have our continued thoughts, prayers, love, and best wishes.
Barbra Van Shaar

KEndra Mauger (Rozeski) said...

Kerri & Cody,
Thank you so much for having this update, and telling your mom to email us. I started praying as soon as I say the toxemia. I know you guys are having miracles displayed constantly! Isn't the priesthood completely miraculous? Thank you again for letting me know what was going on in your lives. Good luck. love,