Friday, December 30, 2005

Thursday Night

Ansel continues to do well with his feeding tube. Tolerating additional milk daily, he is up to taking 4.2 cc each hour on Thursday. Testing continues to show optimistic hopes; his PDA has closed and there is still no hemorraging in the brain. Kerri & Cody get to hold Ansel for a few minutes each day. Cute, little eyes peer from the blankets to check out Mom & Dad.

Kerri, gaining strength every day, continues having a myriad of procedures performed. On Thursday,she had new lines attached surgically to her neck for the dialysis and a PICC line inserted in her arm to lessen the needle poking for IVs, etc. Dialysis continues on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. The rash on her face is lighter, but is still heavy on her back and chest. The staples were removed from her stomach on Wednesday. Doctors now use wet compresses on her stomach to cleanse and slow the oozing of her incision. Although she doesn't have much toleration for food yet, Cherrios seem to stay. We are impressed with Kerri's great attitude, she is a real trooper throughout the ordeal.

Cody continues to spend most nights at the hospital and works construction during the day. It's fun to see his strong hands holding little Ansel so gently.


cassandra said...

Hello!! It has been so neat seeing the precious pictures you have posted. There is noticeable progress between both Mommy and baby. I especially love the one of Kerri kissing little Ansel. How precious!! The kids have really enjoyed them too and can't believe how tiny the baby is. What a miracle.
Still in our prayers, The Clevelands

Anonymous said...

Hi! Thanks to your Mom, Cody I have passed the information on to JD. So glad things are progessing for the good for both Kerri & Ansel. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!!!!

Debbie McPherson