Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sunday Morning Update

Kerri had a good night. Vitals are good but there is still little kidney activity. She sat up in bed this morning, and the nurses are planning on having her sit on the edge of the bed. We expect a kidney doctor in sometime, and probably another dialysis to take place.

Ansel had a good night. They are weaning him off the vent, which is down to 10 breaths a minute, with Ansel doing the rest. The current Indomethacin treatment should end at about 1pm. The heart will be echoed to see if the PDA has closed. If all is successful, two possible events are in store – a PICC line will be put in place and the vent may be removed. A PICC is a long term IV that replaces the umbilical cord stump currently being used, lowering the risk of infection.


Support from Friends and family continue. We have offers from two new mothers to pump breast milk for Ansel until Kerri recovers. The NICU nurse hadn’t heard of such an offer before, but will see if/how it could be done.

Our superbly maintained van :-), (sometimes ambulance) blew a radiator hose yesterday at 30mph with grandpa driving. It’s the same vehicle that Jeanne successfully flew 90+ MPH to the hospital last Tuesday. Another rarity - Tuesday, it actually had gas in it.

The ICU nurses really love Kerri and regularly tell us. Kerri is very sweet and nurses enjoy working with someone who progresses well. There are many older patients that take much longer to respond to treatment, or are preparing to pass.

We hope you enjoy the pictures of Ansel getting treatment from the lights. In a dozen or so years, imagination puts him on a beach with similar shades.