Thursday, December 22, 2005

Wednesday Night Progress

After a few days of incremental progress, Kerri made super strides today. This report will be the most fun yet. Kerri is feeling much better, is cleared for a general room when one opens up close to the NICU. The meal menu has been upgraded to a full liquid diet and Kerri loved her first taste of milk. Tonight, ICU nurses packed her up in a wheelchair and rolled into the NICU, where Kerri and Cody visited Ansel. Kerri and Ansel did their first ‘Roo’ (kangaroo care, see link on right). Early tomorrow morning, Kerri and her nurse are plotting a return to the NICU around 4am! Hope they don’t get caught. Tomorrow’s plans include starting Kerri walking again, along with trips to the NICU. Dialysis was done again today, as the kidneys haven’t awakened. With everything else perking up, we hope the kidneys won't stay asleep much longer. Your prayers and wishes have made a big difference. The change in Kerri’s condition from last week is truly miraculous.

Ansel continues to progress. The nurses are pleased with his growth. The vital signs are good and strong. Tests don’t indicate any intracranial hemorrhages (bleeding in the brain – common with low weight babies). There is no sign of infection yet, but nurses caution that one is inevitable, and they are ready to handle it. Ansel is tolerating eating well. Ansel’s nurse describes him as having ‘an attitude’ - that is music to our ears.


Tuesday night, Aunt Rachel and Grandma Jeanne made their way to the outside window to watch Ansel. Maneuvering for a better view between the blinds, Grandma accidentally smashed her nose hard against the window, announcing their presence. Warning to future peepers – beware of nose print on glass.

Kerri was smiling and chatty when we read today's comments. She remembers each student that left a message, and told us all about each relative and friend.

It seemed all the nurses in the ICU close to Kerri’s room stopped to ask about Ansel. They truly love and care for Kerri, and go out of their way for her.


Janessa Harr said...

Well, I posted a message but I am not sure if it was in the right place. Kerri, I juat want you to know that I am praying for you. You are a strong person and I know you will get through this. You have been such a good example to me over the years. I love and miss you tons.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kerri and Cody,
Paul and I both cried when we heard what you've been through. You are truly one of our dearest friends that we will always love and cherish. Please know that we will be praying for you and uniting our faith with yours that you and the baby will continue to improve. We will look forward to daily updates on your progress. We love you! Paul and Tina Jarvis
P.S. Thanks to Katie (White) Badgett for letting us know.

Anonymous said...

From: Brittany (Powell) Leesmann,
Hi Kerri.
I just wanted to write and let you know that i am thinking of you during this difficult time. My mom updated me on what was going on and i went to the site (which is awesome) to check up on you and your new baby boy. He is so cute! Congratulations!:) I can't imagine what it has been like for you this whole time. I am pregnant with a baby girl due in April and think of you everytime i start to complain about a headache or weight gain. I know how strong of a young women you are and i can imagine you will be even stronger after all of this. Sounds like your husband, Cody, his family, your family, and the hospital staff are taking wonderful care of you. I am glad to hear of your improvements each day and I will be praying for you, Cody and Ansel.
Your Friend, Brittany

Caryn said...

Hey Mrs. Sneddon
I've been keeping up with the blog entries and praying for you as i hear about what is going on. I really miss seeing you, you were always smiling. I was happy and excited to see you are up and visiting Ansel. You've made it far this past week. We are hoping to come see you again as soon as you get comfortable in your new room. Get well soon.
Kayla Deckard

Anonymous said...

this is betty from school i hope that you feel better and ansel too i tried to come and see you but i couldnt get a way there i hope that when you get better and you and ansel get out of the hospital you might be able to come and see us at school the whole 4th hour history class asks about you every dayi hope to see you soon