Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Two Weeks Old

Tuesday evening marks the two week birthday of Ansel. We are passed the critical period marked by the Doctors. Now the numbers are on Ansel's side.

Each day Kerri shows improvement. The rash is fading, the kidneys are putting out more. Dialysis was performed Monday and is scheduled Wednesday. The need for dialysis will be evualuated before each session. Wednesday doctors will again examine her tummy and perhaps remove some staples if the wound is oozing less.

Kerri is now strong enough to perform some of Ansel's care. Last night she bathed, diapered, & weighed him in the isolet - and discovered another milestone - Ansel is now 2lbs 4.9 ozs, officially passing his birth weight. Kerri's loving, gentle caresses and soothing hums while peering in the isolet are quite special.

Thanks again for all the cards, well wishes, and visits. Your love and concern are much appreciated.


eden said...

hey kerri, it was so good to see you and ansel saturday. i love you guys!!!

meg mac said...

hey kerri, i am so glad that you and ansel are doing well.. where are you? are you allowed visitors? i will continue to pray for you and your family daily
-- meg mcdaniel (mcilquham)

Anonymous said...

Cody,Kerri & precious Ansel. We wish you all the Lords richest blessings this upcoming year and will continue to keep you in our prayers along with so many others. Your baby is so precious. Congradulation. Jim and Esther Grissom.

Dale Sneddon said...

Meg, Kerri is receiving visitors. If her door is shut, just knock or check with the nurses station just outside her door. Thanks, Dale

Joyce Miller said...

Hey Meg, This is Kerri's mom. Remember me? Kerri is in Freeman Hospital in Joplin. She would love a visit from you. If you need directions I'm in the phone book. (Springfield) How are you doing?
Hi Kerri, I love you. I've been thinking about you all day; I hope your procedure today wasn't too much of an ordeal. I wish I could have been there for you.
Love to all of you, Cody, Kerri and Ansel.

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerri;

Tell Ansel that I drank a Dr Pepper to his health on his birthday.

Ben Abrams