Friday, December 23, 2005

Thursday Night Update

The ICU is behind Kerri now, as she moved into her own room close to Ansel in the NICU. Last night the ICU nurses stayed up late chatting with Kerri, washed her hair, and wheeled her down to the NICU for a visit with Ansel, about 3am. This morning, when a room opened up, goodbyes were said, and Kerri promised to return and visit sometime. Her doctor gave her a nice gift basket with a book, soaps, chocolates, creams.

Ansel is now 2lbs 3 ounces, gaining about an ounce a day. Grandma n Grandpa heard a cry, so a high five was performed. The doctors and nurses are carefully monitoring his progress and are making adjustments as things change.

Momma and Baby enjoy being together. Ansel goes right to sleep during the Roo, then likes to streatch and move after being put back in the isolet.

We are grateful Kerri is gaining strength everyday, and her spirits are very good.
Kerri and Cody appreciate all of the gifts, flowers, cards, and thoughtful expressions from everyone as well as your prayers


Bishop Martin said...

Wow, what great news! And what miracles we have seen performed by the Lord on behalf of your sweet family. We continue our prayers, with faith the Lord will continue to pour out his blessings.

Bishop Martin

Jay Sneddon said...

Gina and I are always checking for updates on you guys. So wonderful that Kerri is improving so rapidly. Such a blessing to see her making strides.

Ansel is truly a miracle. On paper, he should not be doing so well - he's off the statistical charts for progress. Yet, there has been few babies prayed for like him. We continue to pray for this family.

Mark never misses praying for Kerri and Ansel. Mark has great faith for an 11 year old, and truly expects to receive what he prays for. He's a good ally to have when it comes to pooling our faith.

May God's choicest blessings continue to attend. I confess, I never thought things would go so well so consistently this early in the recovery process. We were seriously concerned. Shows you that miracles do happen today.

Barbra Van Shaar said...

We continue to be excited about the progress both Kerri & Ansel are making! What a joy for you to be out of ICU, Kerri, where you can be a bit more mobile and spend much more time with your tiny new son. At an ounce a day it sounds like he is doing just great. That truly is good news.

We appreciate this web site. It's not quite as good as a visit with you, but it's a great way to keep up with you from a distance of over 1000 miles.

We love you.
Gene & Barbra Van Shaar

Kim Cleveland said...

You look great Kerri! I am so happy to hear you are out of the ICU. I love the pictures. What a beautiful family!

I appreciate Jay's comment. That speaks volumes to me. I don't know much about what to expect when it comes to a preemie's progress like Jay and Gina do, who've been there. The Lord does indeed answer prayers!! And thanks, cousin Mark, for your faith and prayers. I am truly grateful for family across the country.

We may see you this coming weekend if we are well. Merry Christmas to all the "blog readers!" :) This past week's experience has brought out what is and what isn't important this time of year.

Kim Cleveland

Emily Bracht said...

Cody and kerri,
Lorelle told me about your news and i am sorry it hear that but now i am glad that everything seems to be doing great.
I hope that the baby is doing wonderful!!
hope you and your family and a wonderful merry christmas and a happy new year, im glad that you are getting better kerri!! Your in my prayers!
Emily Bracht

Celeste Keele said...

kerri--i started to cry when i read your mom's email, and especially when i read this site and saw all the photos. you are such a dear, and i have such fond memories. i'm so happy for you, and wish you all the best. i'm sorry it was such a scary ordeal, but as the site says, i know you handled it with grace, a chuckle, and a kerri grin. i'm so grateful to have spent that time in korea with you.

god bless--