Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve

Today brought a battery of tests for Kerri. Gaining strength daily, she is walking better and further. Ansel gained a little weight, almost 2lb 3oz, close to his birth weight. Doctors are increasing the milk feedings and Ansel is tolerating them well. Glucose levels were lower today, so that is also good news.

The highlight of the day was visits by Kerri's parents, sisters and nieces. Tonight, after spending time with Ansel, Cody and Kerri prepared to celebrate their second Christmas together. Three stockings were hung in the hospital room, gifts were placed under a small tree, and the Bible Christmas story was read. During the past couple of days, several families have brightened the hospital with Christmas carols. The family is still together and doing well.

Kerri wants everyone to know she appreciates everyone's prayers and concerns, and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

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Lou Sneddon said...

Dear Kerri and Cody,

We are so delighted to see the great progress of Ansel and Kerri during the last few days. Although spending Chrismas in the hospital is not ideal, the fact that things are looking so much better than they were not very long ago makes it special in its own way. Merry Christmas to you all. We love you so much.

Lou & Vicky