Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Summary of events of Dec 14, 2005

After a summary of Kerri and Ansel's conditions, we will list some interesting notes of the day.

First, thanks for all the support from friends and family. It is truly overwelming the love we have received. We really feel the power of your prayers, and it is bouying us up.

We feel Kerri has turned for the better. Doctors placed an abdominal compression which successfully slowed the bleeding. We spoke with Dr Johnson at 3pm, who still described her condition as critical. But her vitals have improved throughout the afternoon and evening. Kerri wasn't fighting the ventilator as much which allowed Doctors to lessen the sedation. She is mostly awake and trying to communicate with hand/eye signals. Doctors plan on removing the ventilator Thursday morning. Her kidneys have shut down at least for now. Kerri is suffering from swelling throughout her body. Tonight, doctors are planning dialysis to alleviate some symptoms. Although we haven't talked with doctors since early afternoon, we see definite improvements. Sure there is a long way to go, but it was a great day!

Baby Ansel is holding well. They have removed the ventilator, at least for now. Ansel is working hard to breath, with the nurses watching carefully for overstress. They will replace the ventilator if needed.

Many are looking for updates to this blog during the day, but we don’t yet have a way to do this from the hospital. We (Jeanne and Dale) will try to update in the evening or morning as possible throughout the recovery.


Kerri’s parents and sisters visited from Springfield. Their presence seemed to rally Kerri. Kerri’s condition was a shock, but this is a brave family, and source of strength.

Jeanne’s fellow teachers (3rd Lunch Bunch) put together a basket of food, drinks & magazines.

Some of Kerri’s students brought a card to Kerri, expressing their prayers and love. Kerri works as an aide at the Carthage Jr High.

Dr Johnson noted that several doctors are impressed that Kerri and Ansel survived the drive from Carthage with the detached placenta. Apparently, this condition is fatal unless medical help is immediately available. Jeanne felt impressed to drive to Freeman, picking up Cody who administered a Priesthood blessing. She was aware that McCune Brooks Hospital was much closer, but not as well equipped to handle this situation.

Cody was able to stay for longer periods tonight with Kerri, brushing her hair, showing her pictures of Ansel.

We hadn’t read the comments of the blog until tonight when we returned home. Thanks to everyone pulling for this small family! Kerri’s Mom and Dad are staying in Joplin tonight. We will print all the comments and read them to Kerri and Cody on Thursday.

Cody has been fasting since yesterday. He will stay tonight with Grandparents Sneddon in Joplin where he will get a good meal, and a real bed. Cody, a student at MSSU, is getting cooperation from his professors to postpone his finals. Cody is also employed at Top Knot, a construction company that is also helping during this time.

Some of Cody's work companions visited the ICU, relating that when this crisis was announced, silence fell over the entire construction site. Many workers, wives have expressed willingness to donate blood for Kerri.

Bishop Martin announced that a Carthage Ward fast (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) for Kerri and Ansel will occur Thursday. Other family and Friends have expressed they too will join in fasting and prayer.

Despite not being able to directly visit Kerri or Ansel in the ICUs, many visitors have dropped by the ICU waiting room to express their love and best wishes. We started sharing a secret -- during the day, through an outside window, Ansel can be seen in his bed. Milage may vary, as sometimes the drapes are pulled. But if someone drops by, directions can be provided if we are present in the ICU waiting room. Calling in advance is advised.

Thursday, Jeanne and Dale will be at work during the day. Cody and Mr. and Mrs. Miller will be at the hospital during that time.

Thanks again for everyone’s efforts, thoughts and prayers.


Jay Sneddon said...

Some thoughts as I read this:

Cody's life to this point has prepared him to handle this (as much as anyone COULD get prepared). Sometimes, you have to cash in that spiritual reservoir for just these occasions.

It is apparent that great miracles have occurred already. Kerri even being alive is one of note. Many more will come, and we should list those in our prayers of thanks.

We have submitted Cody, Kerri and Ansel to the Boise and Idaho Falls temple prayer rolls.

Eden said...

I love you Kerri, Cody, and Ansel!

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Kerri way back at Rick's College and she was always the happy, smiling roommate. Sounds like she is handling this situation with as just as much spiritual strength and composure as always. I live too far away to do much for her or Cody which gives me a greater appreciation for prayer and e-mail. Thank you so much for keeping us posted with this site, I am very anxious to hear more updates.

kkm said...

kerri, cody and ansel i love you all so much... thanks cody and your parents for all that you have done for my sister...