Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday Morning Update

Kerri had a good night. The dialysis was successful. The potassium level in the blood is still too high, so we expect continued efforts in that area. Doctors plan to begin weaning her off the ventilator today.


Lynne De Vrieze said...

As I was reading the postings, tears were forming as prayers were being lifted from my heart. God says that all we have to do is ask, and HE will hear our prayers. May HE continue to guide and bless this family!

Great things must be in store for this precious baby boy and his family! God has blessed each one of them already with many miracles!

Barbra Van Shaar said...

I was so excited to receive the phone call from Bill Miller this morning giving a positive report about Kerri's condition today. I talked to Gene soon afterward and we are both relieved to hear that there has been improvement overnight. We have been so concerned and have offered many prayers in the last 36 hours for Kerri and baby, and for their families. We will continue those prayers for a full recovery. We wish we could be there to be of help, but we send our love to Kerri, Cody, Baby Ansel, Bill, Joyce and to all of you there who are watching over this sweet family. Love,
Gene & Barbra Van Shaar

Old TMac said...

We have all of you in our prayers. It sounds like there is some good improvement in both mom and baby. God willing all will be better soon. Tommc

Paul and Diana said...

We wanted to let Cody and Kerri know that our prayers and thoughts are with you. We know that you are in the Lord's hands and that is a good place to be. You have always trusted in His will and now more than ever, may that trust comfort and help you at this difficult time. We pray that you will continue to improve and your strengh will increase Paul and Diana