Monday, December 19, 2005

Monday Evening Update

Today was a special day for Kerri and Ansel. The NICU staff brought Ansel to Kerri, who saw and held her baby for the first time. To accomplish this, a team of doctors and nurses hooked up Ansel to portable devices and carried him up. Our hats are off and special thanks to this special group from the NICU! Kerri was still beaming when we visited tonight.

Ansel, besides being introduced to his Mama, had other milestones. Two treatments of Indomethacin successfully closed his PDA. During the heart echo, the PDA was still open, but the doctors watched it close before ending the examination. With the heart fixed, the ventilator could be removed, replaced by the less invasive CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure). The CPAP puts a bit of constant pressure to Ansel’s lungs. Tonight, Ansel graduates to an isolet (or incubator). Also to be removed tonight is the last connection to the umbilical cord. Everything now will go through the PICC. Because the vent is gone, feedings will begin soon, and Cody will soon be able to hold Ansel. This was a big day for Ansel.

Kerri received another dialysis, which makes her feel better. She was able to sit in a chair for the first time since giving birth. Doctors are concerned about her rash, and changed the antibiotics. The white blood count is still high, so the move from the ICU is still a day or two off. We all are concerned about the kidneys, but doctors are saying they should mend in time.

We are settling in a loose routine, where we leave for the hospital around 6:30pm after printing the messages and comments to Kerri. Comments sent later will go over the next day. Kerri enjoys your messages and love. Plus we really do feel the power of your prayers. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful support.


J H Sneddon said...

I visited Kerri during the afternoon of 19 Dec. She looked far better than I expected, had her glasses on, and was able to laugh at corny jokes. She had not seen the baby yet.

Melissa Wilkinson said...

We are all so glad for Jeanne to update the blog daily. Everyone at CJHS is thinking of you. The students ask daily about your progress. Hope all continues to improve through the holiday break!

Ethan Blacksher said...

Hello, Kerri. GLenda B here. We are thinking aout you. Get well soon.
We are all praying for you and we hope you and your child get well soon! Ashley Ross

hi this is hayden... get better so we can have you here.. you're funny
, hayden.

hi, this is Kendra Riddle and we are all praying for you!Get well soon so you can come see us! Kendra

Hello, this is Tae McGrew. I hope that you and your child are feeling better. My sister just had her child last night! Good luck

Kacey here, I really hope that you keep up your strengh and don't give up. God really wants you here or you would of left along time ago. We all love you and pray for you and your family. Congrads! on the baby though!lol you take care now. and get better so you can help me with my work, i'm not doin' so well!!LOL love ya bye

Hi,Mrs. Sneddon I hope that you're getting better,and I want to say congradulations to you and your new baby. We all hope that you get better and that you come back soon!

hey Kerri this is jeff and i was just writing to tell you that we (our family) are all praying and fasting for you and we hope that you will be able to recover soon!

Hey Kerri, this is Ethan. We miss you in this class here in First Hour. Back in the back it's boring because I can only hear Jeff talking. I really hope that you can get out of ICU soon. We miss you.

Hey Karri, this is Abby. I miss youf very much and I hope you fell better and my prayers are with you! May God bless <3