Monday, December 19, 2005

Sunday Evening Update

Kerri still has significant abdominal pain. Dialysis didn’t happen today, so we can expect it tomorrow. The dialysis relieves Kerri’s edema. No one knows when the kidneys will start up – it could even be a couple of weeks. A rash, probably a reaction to medicine or perhaps the dressings has developed over her face and chest. Kerri is awake, alert and is improving each day. Tonight marks the fifth day in the hospital. We are thankful for the tremendous turnaround in such a short time, and still think she may get out of the ICU in the next couple of days.

Ansel had a busy day. This morning he weighed in at a tadpole over two pounds. The birth weight was 2lbs 4 oz, the lowest weight was 1 lb 15 oz. He is on his way back! When they start feeding Ansel, weight gain will become more rapid. The PDA didn’t close entirely from the Indomethacin treatment that finished this morning. Another treatment is currently underway, scheduled to end Monday about 6am. The PICC line was installed this evening, and a tube to the artery in the umbilical stump was removed. The vent is still set at 10, meaning Ansel is doing 40-50 breaths a minute on his own. The vent will not be removed until the PDA issue is resolved. Monday, an x-ray will verify the PICC is in the proper place. A little fussy over all the happenings, we watched his face wrinkle up to cry, but with the vent he couldn’t. There will be high fives when we finally hear Ansel cry!

To keep things short, we are not explaining the medical terms each day, but think they are explained in the previous posts. If something is not clear, post a message with the question. Anyone is invited to ask or answer.


Bill Miller said...

We sure appreciate the Sneddons for keeping up on this site & the pictures of Ansel. It helps us know what's happening with Kerri & Ansel when we have to be away. Kerri's sisters that were visiting with us are: Stacey Stephens & her family from Tulsa and Kipra & Eden Miller from Springfield. We're all praying for Kerri & Ansel. My eye surgeries have kept us from being there as often as we would like. We appreciate the support everyone has shown & we know Kerri & Ansel are in good hands with Cody & his parents. We love them and all that they do.
We also know Heavenly Father has been keeping a close eye on Kerri & Ansel and he will take care of them.

cat (clark) gonzales said...

I just got the email and I am in shock! I can't believe this has happened but am glad that things are looking up. Tell Kerri that I say hi and am praying for her and the baby. Also if it comes to it that she needs a kidney she can have one of mine (if it matches). I would do anything for Kerri she has been a good friend and is such a sweet girl. (oh, and my little brother was born three months premature and weighted one pound 7 onces, fifteen years ago. So, tell them not to worry Ansel will be just fine with todays technology and the Lord watching over him. If either Kerri or Cody would like to talk to my mother about doctor stuff or just questions from one parent to another just have them call me at 1-772-418-0850). I am sure they are going to have a lot of thoughts and questions and I would just like them to know that I am here for them for whatever they might need!
cat :)

Dale Sneddon said...

Good luck Bill with your surgery today. Please concentrate on getting your eyes fixed. We know you will visit when you can, and appreciate all you are doing.

Cat, thanks for taking the time to write. I'm sure Kerri will love hearing from you. We read her the messages every evening. She is a special young lady. We have every reason to believe her kidneys will recover. We will add Florida to the reader list of this blog. Thanks, Dale

BrEe19 said...

hey mrs. sneddon its bree!!! if u dont remember me i'm in mr turnbull's 3rd hour science class. i've been asking about u everyday!! i miss u!!! i really hope u get better!! im sure u will ur an awesome person and when u get out of the hospital ur gonna make a sensational that was a really big word...haha ok well i'll let u go but get better!!! much love!! Bree

Anonymous said...

Hi Kerri, this is Sister Bushman. I just wanted you to know that you and Ansel are in our thoughts and prayers and hope you have a quick recovery. This is great being able to hear how you are doing by going online, because we've been really worried about you both. We love you and wish you the best. What a beautiful tiny baby!
Love, Sis. Bushman

eden said...

Stay strong kerri, you've been doing so good and i'm so proud of both you and ansel... he's a fighter just like you and i'm looking forward to spending time with you both again. He already knows me remember? i'm the goofy one who always sang & introduced my self to him through your belly :)
Ansel, your aunt eden loves you so very much & can't wait till i can play with you and read you stories at nap time when you come to visit grandma & grandpa miller
I love you all and can't even describe how much i appreciate the sneddon family for being so was your faith that helped me stay strong when we came to see kerri
Cody, thank you so much for taking care of my sister, you have so much faith and you've been so strong through all of this...i'm so glad kerri found someone like you to spend the rest of her life with, i know you're gonna be a great father...I love you all

Janessa Harr said...

Hey Kerri,
I just got tis website info. today. I just want you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You are one of the strongest people I know, so I know that you will get through this. You are such a good example to me and I am grateful for your friendship. I love and miss you tons,