Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tuesday Morning Update

This morning we got to talk with Kerri on the phone instead of the nurse. Things are getting better everyday. Kerri has some energy now, and is working on sitting in a chair. She is hopeful to score a wheelchair soon and start making visits to the NICU. The rash itches still, but we didn't hear Kerri complain.

Ansel had a good night, is settled into his new home - the isolet. When first laid down, he looked around a little, then went to sleep. Vitals look good on the cpap. Today, he may get his first meal. A tiny bit of formula will be given through the NG tube, that goes through his nose to his stomach.

While Ansel was moving into the isolet, Cody held his new baby for the first time. Removing the vent yesterday allows holding, feeding, isolet placement. Truly a milestone.

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Glenda B said...

Great news!

Glenda B said...

This is Weston
How are you doing? we hope you get well soon. Bye

HI mrs sneddon
This is Cody Smith , have you named the baby after me yet? just saying hi so got to go.

Hi Mrs.Sneddon
ive been praying for you and youre baby so is my church, but im glad youre doing better and your baby also.
Byan Brumley

hi mrs sneddon this is chloe i miss you and i hope you and the baby are doing alrite. maybe i will come and see you sometime

Hi mrs sneddon this is betty i hope you and ansel get better real quik i hope to see you sometime


Barbra Van Shaar said...

Hi Kerri, Cody & family,
I just wrote a few paragraphs, clicked on publish and the whole thing disappeared. So here it is in a nutshell--It was so great to see each of you having a chance to hold sweet Ansel. What a blessing it is that he is progressing well. Kerri, we are grateful for each improvement we hear about with you. We wish it could be much faster, but I guess there is something to be learned from patience. We are just so glad that you are getting good care there and we continue to pray for your full recovery. Hopefully, you will soon be well enough to actually enjoy having someone bring you your meals in bed and rub your back when it's sore!
We love you,
Barbra Van Shaar

Anonymous said...

Kerri, Cody, and baby Ansel,

All of us at Schreiber Foods thought it was about time that we posted a message for all of you. We have been checking and re-checking the blog on a daily basis for updates and are SO thrilled to see the progress that both Kerri and Ansel are making. What a miracle both of you are. It is just amazing what all of you and your families have gone though and we just want you to know you have all been in our thoughts and prayers every step of the way. Thanks so much for posting the pictures, we were so happy to see Ansel and his mommy and daddy finally together as I'm sure each of you were as well. Keep being strong and know that there are many people here thinking of you and sending you well wishes. Take Care.

Nichole Barker

Anonymous said...

Hey sis!
So glad that you are doing better and that you were finally able to see your baby! Thanks to your in-laws for setting this up so we can get updates (and I can see pics of my little nephew!) Love you, and we'll see you Saturday if all goes well. Take care!

Brett & Melinda Richardson said...

Cody & Kerri,
You make beautiful parents! I am so excited that you were able to hold Ansel. I love reading the blog and appreciate you, Mom & Dad, for doing such a great job updating it for all of us to read, celebrate, & cry (with thankfulness for all the miracles) with all of you. We are continuing with our prayers, even Evan prays for Kerri & "little" Ansel. We love you!
Melinda & Brett

jeania white said...

What blessings surround this tiny baby!! We're so happy to hear the great news, and are excited to hear about the daily progress. Our prayers continue for your healing and strength. God is good, all the time.
J White

jasmine said...

Hello Kerri and family!
Kerri, i just received the news via email from roya. i was completely blown away by what i was reading...but it seems like you and ansel are getting better each day. that in itself is such a huge blessing. ansel looks sooooo cute in the pictures! i wanted to let you know that we're praying for you and truly hope that you're progress continues.

Anonymous said...

Kerri, I just heard about the news from an email from Roya. I hope you even remember me. It's Heather Andelin (barlow now) from Springfield. I am glad to hear that things are going okay. I'm sure that was scary. I will keep you and your baby in my prayers. Hang in there. Having a child is the best thing I've ever done. And this will all be worth it when you can spend more time with your beautiful son!

Anonymous said...

My heart and thoughts are with you, Kerri. You're surrounded by family and friends that love you so much. The Lord is watching out for you, Ansel, and Cody... Best of luck with your recovery... and best of luck with your new job as a mommy. :)

Kristina Hetherington