Friday, December 16, 2005

Thusday Night, Friday Morning Update

Kerri continues to rally. News is all good. The ventilator is off, one of the abdominal drains is plugged (shut down on purpose). Occasional blood/blood products are administered as doctors muse over and adjust her numbers. She is alert and talking. Cody fed her some food – green jello, sherbet, broth, water. Although the amounts were small, it didn’t set too well, but still that is great progress. Lots of visitors came and visited her Thursday, which she tolerated well. We decided to leave her last night, as she is now resting much more comfortably, and needed the solid rest. Again the doctors and nurses are superb, and help us understand the best course of action. The kidneys began to pass a little liquid Friday morning. She may be able to leave the ICU soon, perhaps today! Thursday was a good day. Friday is starting good too.

Baby Ansel is doing as expected. There is a predictable path preemies follow. The first day or two is considered a ‘honeymoon’ as they look good. His is ending, but the kind nurses are helping us understand that this is normal. Ansel is back on the ventilator, and has been sedated as he doesn’t like his new home. Nurses try to make his surroundings as close as possible to a womb. He wears tiny ear muffs to muffle noises – just like a womb. The environment is warmed, he is gently bundled up, and his eyes are covered. He tolerates laying on his side and tummy. But the new surroundings and activities frighten him and take a toll on his energy. Sedation is part of the answer to protect him from expending unnecessary resources needed to grow and breathe. Tests and evaluations are being conducted daily, and hopefully some of the results will make its way to the blog.


Schreiber partners donated a basket of food, magazines and misc items. Along with the basket from the Carthage Jr High, we had enough items to share with everyone the ICU Waiting unit. Water and juices were the most popular, but the crossword puzzles were gobbled up too. The fruit was great. Most visitors politely refused at first. As we sat with them and visited, they would soften, share why they were there, begin to smile and accept the gifts. The generosity of the Jr High teachers and Schreiber Partners brought comfort to many somber people.

Cody read to Kerri your comments from this blog. Your comments and love are really apreciated! Thanks for taking the time to write.

This link is an easy to understand article on toxemia, the disease that caused the placenta to separate. An important realization is that these events were unpreventable, and unpredictable. No one is to blame for what happened.


Kerri shared her recollections of the arrival to the ER. She heard them say the baby must come out now! We have to cut! Put her out now! She saw surgical instruments being frantically prepared while doctors worked over her belly. She was still awake! Yes, yes, ‘put me to sleep now!’

We chatted with one of the neonatal nurses who was on duty when Ansel arrived with poor vital signs. She has learned to not predict an outcome and shared an experience where parents were called in to say goodbye to a dying baby. The baby rallied, and she saw him years later being a normal busy boy! All the nurses we talked with speak of the special feeling that exists in the NICU. Jay is exactly right in his comments.

We still don’t have an internet hookup at the hospital, so these updates have to wait until we are home. Hopefully we can work something out. Pictures are coming sometime today.


Bishop Martin said...

Kerri, Cody & Ansel:

We had many Carthage Ward members fasting and praying on your behalf yesterday. It's wonderful to see miracles happen as the result of friends and family exercising faith on your behalf. We love you and keep you in our prayers.

trudy artherton said...

My thoughts and prayers have been with you since I have heard of your conditions. It is wonderful to hear that things are getting better for mom and baby. We will continue those thoughts and prayers until full recovery for both.

Benyamin Abrams said...

Dear Kerri, Cody, Ansel and family;

I read an article in haaretz , an Israeli newspaper about an experiment with preemie babies.

There were three groups. The first group of babies were massaged by nurses in the preemie room. The second group were massaged by their mothers. The third group were not massaged at all.

The babies in the first two groups grew faster than the last group. Maybe, Cody could massage Ansel?

Ansel is a great name.

Ben Abrams

penny petersen said...

Congratulations! I am so glad Kerri is doing better. I want her to know that it takes more than almost dying to get out of the young women's organization. I still want and need her. My prayers have been with you constantly since I heard Thursday night.

Love Ya and see ya soon.

Ethan Blacksher said...

I just wanted you to know that I hope you get better soon. I'm glad of the good reports about you and Ansel I'm reading on this blog everyday. I just want you to know that my youth group is praying for you!

Dale Sneddon said...

Thanks Ben for the tip about massage. We spoke with the NICU staff about this, and here is where we are at. When Ansel gets off the vent, he will be alowed have kangaroo holding. Right now, Cody will place his hand on Ansel's tummy or head, and gently speak to him. We watch the O2, heart rate monitors for signs of stress. Stimulation can increase anxiety for the preemie, causing a drop in O2, increase respiration rate etc. This takes away energy needed to grow, breath, eat etc. But done properly, touching can calm the baby. We have watched the NICU nurse calm Ansel by careful touch. Here is an interesting article that introduces the kangaroo care:
Thanks again Ben for your caring, and I'm looking forward for more suggestions. - Dale

Anonymous said...

It's me, Yvonne (Withers) Russell from Ricks College ward summer of 1999! Cat forwarded me the e-mail from your dad. I wish that I had known sooner, but I guess late prayers are better than no prayers. So just know that you have been in my prayers for the last 45 mintues since I first read the e-mail (I read through the daily updates so I would understand better exactly what happened to you and your baby). First of all, CONGRATULATIONS!!! You're a Momma! Second of all, I know that God doesn't send us any trials that we can't handle, so obviously you and Cody & Ansel all needed this trial (even if you didn't want it). I know that Heavenly Father is with you all. I also don't think it would be out of line to say that your ancestors are praying on the other side of the veil for you, Cody and Ansel.
Love you much and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Yvonne

cassandra said...

Kerri and Cody,
I keep pondering what I want to write that might express the words of my heart. I have been very touched by the wonderful news of your progress. I know that you are truly blessed. I have been so thankful to get updates from Kim and others, and now this sight. I read a comment from a Yvonne (Withers). I believe that what she said is so true and is what is in my heart also. Kim gave my family a wonderful quote for Christmas--"Families do not fall together by chance. They are a part of our Heavenly Fathers eternal plan". May you remember this as you look at your precious gift from above. You and your sweet family are in our thoughts and prayers.

Love, Cassandra Cleveland and family