Friday, December 16, 2005

Friday Evening Update

Baby Ansel had a good day. The drug Indomethacin was administered to close the small blood vessel that bypasses the lungs which usually closes after a normal birth. The ventilator is still connected. Ansel is much calmer today and is receiving less sedative.

Kerri is still in the ICU. Maybe tomorrow she will move to a room. Some of the body functions are kicking in, but her kidneys may take a couple of days to come fully on line. She received dialysis again today. Some blood was transfused, and she is resting well. Progress wasn’t as spectacular as yesterday, but Kerri had a good day.


Ryann Hartley said...

I have been keeping up with you since you had the baby. Although I never had you in any clases, I have heard a lot of great things about you from friends. I will keep you and baby Ansel in my prayers. Wish you well.

Jay Sneddon said...

Looking at the photos, it is wonderful that they are "nesting" Ansel. We found that extremely comforting to our own preemies (we had two).

He looks beautiful.

Simply out of curiosity, we were wondering if your hospital was familiar with the NIDCAP program, which is watching the nonverbal cues a preemie gives. Essentially, you watch the nonverbal cues from the baby and match what they need.

We imagine that this hospital does it, because they are doing so many other great things like nesting him, putting earmuffs on, trying to isolate him from the lights and noise around him. They clearly know what they are doing.

There are a few books on premature babies that discuss these nonverbal cues. It is very interesting stuff.

We have not let up on our prayers for you guys. Thanks for keeping us posted. We are always checking for updates.

Jay & Gina

Lou Sneddon said...

Dale and Jeanne, thanks so much for all the updates. And the pictures are great! The site is very well done and extremely helpful. We are all so anxious about Kerri, Cody, and Ansel that this is a big help, even though it is a lot of work. It is a good thing that Dale's first love is "writing the documentation." ;-)

Well, we really do appreciate both of your efforts!

Lou & Vicky

Barbra Van Shaar said...

It was wonderful to see the pictures of tiny Ansel. What a sweet baby. We're glad that both Kerri and baby are receiving good care. We went to the Bountiful Temple Thursday evening with our niece and we left your names there--yours too, Bill & Joyce. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. Much love,
Gene & Barbra Van Shaar

Dale Sneddon said...

Jay, we asked a NICU nurse abou NIDCAP, but she hadn't heard of it. I left her some info that we found. We talked about the indicators they key off of when working with preemies. I don't know if there is a NIDCAP behind the senes that sets up the procedures.
Lou, thanks for the compliment on the web site. It easy to do -- Ie let the blog handle everything. We don't spend much time with it. It really is a good way to communicate news. The idea came from a family of man who was stricken with a long term illness. The son updated a blog daily. The man was a member of our SP, so there was wide spread interest. So, we are just copy cats. - Dale

Cat said...

Kerri! It is me again and I just wanted to let you know that I have been checking in on this site (thanks to Cody's family for posting it!!). I emailed all the people that I know you know, it doesn't hurt to have more prayers! :) But, I am glad that you are alright. I don't know if you got my last message on here but my prayers are with you and the baby and if there is ever anything I can do just name it (kindey.. anything!). You will have to thank your dad for emailing me with the info. Oh, and thank Cody for giving you a blessing on the way to the hospital and for taking such good care of you! Here is something to take your mind off of some pain.. you know what I was thinking about today... the time that you got your wisdom teeth pulled! Yep, I remember a groggy Kerri getting up for a drink of water and the water ending up all down the front of you and the floor! But none in your mouth! And a sad but thristy Kerri giggling away. Anyways I just thought I would share my thought with you. Kerrs good luck with everything I love you and pray for your recovery. (and can't believe you are a moma already!)

cat :)