Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Update

Ansel and Kerri continue to make progress. Bottle feedings have gone from once a day to three times a day, with Ansel eagerly consuming the 35 ccs in each meal. Between feedings, formula is delivered through the feeding tube. Latest weight is 3lbs 11ozs.

Routine tests continue to return good results -- baby retina okay, brain bleeding okay, heart okay. His nasal cannella is only flowing low amounts of O2, and nobody gets excited anymore when Ansel pulls it out. Nurses bundle him to slow down the little traveler - who now wiggles around the ioslet, often piling up in a corner. Doctors are now weaning the steroids which help the lungs.

Activities are gearing up to prepare Ansel to leave the NICU. He gets to learn about the hard life - like regulating his temperature and sleeping on a flat mattress. We hope to bring him home in a few weeks.

Kerri is enjoying life out of the hospital. Her appetite is growing, and she enjoys the fresh air. She still spends lots of time in the NICU, and visits her nurse friends. The healing incision gets packed twice a day - in the morning by a visiting nurse, then in the evening by Cody. She is just as cheerful as always, and thankful.

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I'm Big Enough to Hold Your Hand

I can yell like the big ones!

Goodbye Dear Friends

"... psst - Dad! Check out the babe in isolet #3 -- She's Hot!"

Finished Packing, With View of Heliport Outside Kerri's Room

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Barbra Van Shaar said...

Kerri & Cody,
The pictures are great. Kerri, you look so good! I hope you are starting to feel that good too. How nice that you can be up and around a bit.

It sounds like all of the news about Ansel is good right now. What a blessing. He's a cute one! Give him a very tiny hug for me.

Barbra Van Shaar