Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Night

Kerri looked great tonight. Recovering from an episode of nearly fainting Saturday night, her color and animation had returned by Sunday. The vacuum machine is doing a good job and the excretions are more clear which is a good thing. Another bit of good news, Kerri's kidneys are starting to work a little. Her scheduled dialysis on Monday has been cancelled. We'll wait and see if she needs it on Tuesday. Able to eat a little on Saturday and Sunday, Kerri is trying to wean herself from the pain medication which she believes may be upsetting her stomach. The wound is still quite open and will take some time for it to heal, but things are looking better.

Ansel does not enjoy the Cpap and has cried quite a bit today. Cody thinks it hurts his little nose. Off the Cpap for two hours every ten hours gives him a little reprieve. Starting some steroid treatment today, the steroids are supposed to help the breathing situation. Ansel was sleeping comfortably as we left the hospital tonight. Kerri and Cody were able to calm the baby by holding him and he was able to rest. Ansel may be held now twice a day, so that is also exciting for Mom & Dad.

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Barbra Van Shaar said...

Kerri & Cody,
It's Tuesday morning and I didn't get to look at this website yesterday. Once again it looks like there is progress in precious small steps for both Kerri and Ansel! That is always good news. Kerri, it sounds like your plan to reduce the pain medication thinking that it may reduce the nausea is worth a try. Hope it helps.

It's amazing and exciting that Ansel is growing and is well over 3 pounds. How nice that you get to hold him more now. That must be mutually beneficial for all of you. He gets to be snuggled by parents who love him so much and you get to kiss his head. It sounds like a good arrangement to me.

Have a peaceful day of healing there in the hospital. Remember, you have the love and support of many, many people, including us!

Barbra Van Shaar