Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Night

Great news! A new milestone! Eating hardy, Ansel now weighs 3 lbs. Ansel's problems with his breathing continues from yesterday. The nurses report he is fighting the CPap which is a good thing because he is trying to breathe more on his own again. Ansel got to listen to his first book tonight as Mom & Dad read a bedtime story to him.

Kerri had a rough day with nausea again. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better. Another dialysis is scheduled for Wednesday. Cody got to spend the entire day with her since the weather was too stormy to work. Kerri remains in good spirits, as always.


Kimberly Cleveland said...

I am happy to hear the wonderful news about Ansel's weight! Three pounds sounds is a significant mark to reach!

We continue our prayers for Kerri's and Ansel's health. I am glad there may be an end in sight in Kerri's hospital stay.

Cody, Kerri, and Ansel--your names were added to the OKC Temple Prayer Rolls last Friday. A friend of mine did that for me. This particular friend calls me very often wanting an update. Many people are concerned--even though they have never met you.

I went to my doctor yesterday and mentioned what Kerri has been through. He was very concerned and interested in what I had to say. He said there are studies and tests being done to figure out how to predict and treat preeclampsia. I hope one day they are successful.

We love and think about you everyday!! You are an inspiration with all your patience and good spirit despite all these challenges, Kerri.


cassandra said...

We will pray even more fervrently that Kerri will be able to go home soon, as expected. It always seems to be more comfortable in your own bed! On the other hand, you get to be so close to Ansel. I am fascinated by all the wonderful blessings of technology that are aiding in Kerri and Ansel's well-being. It sounds like there are some wonderful medical personel looking out for each of you. So very exciting about Ansel's big weight gain. Did you get the little hat I made for Ansel? I would have brought it myself but don't want to overwhelm you with visitors. It sounds like you get a lot of them though. Please, if it is too small, or not soft enough, or whatever let me know. I would love to make him another one or more as he grows!! Stay strong, with love, Cassandra and family

Anonymous said...

Your names were put on the temple prayer rolls in St. Louis also!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerri & Cody:

Do you own the book, "The Little Engine That Could?" If not, I would like to buy it as a gift to all three of you.

Ben & Marian Abrams