Friday, January 20, 2006

Thursday Night

Thanks everyone for all your support.

Ansel is at 3lbs, 9ozs. Doctors monitor his growth while watching his breathing capability. If he grows too fast, he outstrips lung capacity. They give him a diuretic when they want to slow him down. Kinda sounds like an Oprah diet.

The CPap has been weaned back to two hours a shift, which is 2hours on, 10 off. Ansel is less grumpy without it. Progress points include the many sounds Ansel makes as he clears his passageways. We have a growing boy.

Kerri is done with dialysis! Big step. The ports are to be removed Friday. Kidneys are rated at 30-50% and increasing. The big issue remains the incision. The vacuum machine is still on, and will stay on another week. The wound must heal from the inside out now. Care Givers regularly clean and trim the wound, which is now the only time Kerri takes morphine. She has weaned herself off the rest of the pain killers. The appetite is returning, probably helped by the pain killers leaving. We are now mid-seventh hospital week.

Thanks for all the notes and comments. Kerri really loves reading them.

Side Note: A sister of one of Ansel's nurses adopted a NICU baby this week. This shows that not only the nurses are special, but their families are too.

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"What's that in the Nurses hand????? Oh, No. That can't be good!"

"How much is that dog, in the Window?"

"CPap time"


Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear that you are done with dialysis(sp?)!!! That is great news, I can't stop crying I am so happy for you!!! You must be estatic!!! Now maybe the incision will start to heal. Are there anymore premies there availbale for adoption? Keep up the good work, we can't wait to see you outside of the hospital!!!

Dale Sneddon said...

Hello anonymous. Thanks for your comments.

I don't know what the availability is for premie adoptions. However, it seems to 'happen' in the NICU. If you want to send me your email address, I'll dig for the intel and get back with you.

Thanks, Dale

Barbra Van Shaar said...

What adorable pictures! It is fun to see Ansel looking so healthy and cute. I didn't mention the other day how much I liked the most recent picture of the three of you. It is a great family photo. So nice to see both of you smiling and Ansel looking contented and happy.

We're so glad to hear that dialysis is over! That's a huge improvement. It sounds like a miracle to me. The vacuum contraption does sound uncomfortable. Thank goodness for careful, attentive medical staff to help you through that process.

It's interesting that the doctors have to keep Ansel from outgrowing his lung capacity. What a delicate balance they have to deal with.

It is amazing that we live in an age when the knowledge and equipment necessary for such medical challenges as you have presented are available, not just in some far off medical facility, but right there in Joplin, Missouri.

You are amazing too, the three of you and your parents.

Thanks for each update. We always appreciate them.

We love you,
Barbra Van Shaar

Anonymous said...

for the adoptable premie our email is