Sunday, January 29, 2006

Four Pounds!

Ansel is tipping four pounds two ounces. Six bottle feedings and two tube feedings daily fuel the growth. Tube feedings will terminate this week. An open bed replaced the isolet. Ansel generates his own heat and lays in a flat bed now. Today he received a transfusion, which pinked him up. Homeward bound in two weeks? Maybe. We are five weeks before his due date.

One of the nurses has a crush on Ansel - He is her favorite. She bought him some outfits and really looks after him. Nurses do become attached to the babies.

Living with Grandpa/Grandma Sneddon in Joplin, Kerri enjoys being out of, but close to the hospital. Doctors still regularly treat the wound and kidneys.

Sunday, Great Grandma Wilma visited and held Ansel. Grandma Jeanne (with her cough) looked through the outside window. Four generations....

Progress continues.

Notice: better captions for the pictures will be considered. Credit will be given when we know who it is. Post yours in the comments. (Nobody knows who came up with the first one).

"Mom, I can see up your nose."

Another bottle down.

Family Picture

"Gee, I wonder what this tastes like?"


Caryn said...

You look like your old self again! Ansel gets cuter everytime i see pictures!
Kayla Deckard

Eden said...

HOW PRECIOUS!!!! He's gettin so big! you look great Kerri!

Bill Miller said...

Dear Kerri, Cody, & Ansel - Seeing these pictures and hearing such great news has made my day! My grandson is looking GREAT! The picture of the three of you is also a great picture. This truly is an answer to my many prayers and has made my eye surgeries worth the pain & frustrations. I love you all and look foward to watching Ansel grow.