Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday Update

Kerri & Cody continue to enjoy your comments, cards and letters. Thanks everyone.

Baby Ansel continues to gain weight, now up to 2lbs 13oz. Feeding time is every three hours, the main course is about an ounce of formula. A routine blood transfusion was given, to replace blood taken for tests. There was a set back today as Ansel began to struggle breathing. Cultures are being run, and the medical staff are keeping close watch. The NICU nurses had warned us to expect occasional difficulties.

Kerri had another dialysis today. The kidney doctor believes her kidneys will come back in time, although they were expecting them to wake up before now. We suppose that after the big insult to her body, a few parts just need some time off. The wound vac machine is doing a good job helping her incision to heal. Kerri would be able to leave the hospital now, except this machine isn't available for outpatient use. The appetite continues to grow a little each day. Apples and peanut butter were dinner and dessert tonight.

Friday will be the four week mark of Ansel's birth. We appreciate everyone's support, prayers and good wishes.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of such a beautiful family! Just wanted all of you to know that we at Schreiber's in Mt. Vernon are still thinking of you and checking the blog daily for updates. We are so happy for all the progress you have made and look forward to more pictures. Take care!

Nichole Barker

Amanda Spickard said...

Kerri and Cody,
Congratulations on Ansel's birth! I have been away and unable to check my email and just read through the blog site and heard of your blessing. (Thanks to the family for sending it out!)
Wow you two have been through so much! It is very apparent God's presence with you all through this trying time. Ansel is beautiful and appears to be doing very well! And Kerri you are looking good too (as usual you hot little Mamma!)
I am so glad to hear that things are progressing well. You all are in my prayers for continued and speedy recovery for Kerri and for continued growth and good health for Ansel. And of course continued strength for Cody as he carries his family through. I hope you can all be home together as a family soon.
I will be watching the site for continued news.
Amanda Spickard

Caryn said...

Ansel is adorable!!! I love seeing the pictures of you all.

Kayla Deckard