Sunday, February 12, 2006

Flu season

Well, we got word that Ansel has the flu. We are just very grateful that he's back in the NICU with the wonderful doctors and nurses who know him and provide such good care. He's on the CPAP machine and a couple of antibiotics and will be watched closely with his apnea spells. I (Kerri) came down with flu symptoms the day after he got home, and Cody woke up with the symptoms this morning, so the updates we will receive on him will be by phone contact for awhile. Saturday was a pretty scary day so we're relieved he's where he needs to be right now.

On the upnote, Ansel's hospital pictures have now been posted online,temporarily, so use the link below to check them out. If you're asked for a password, it is Sneddon.



Anonymous said...

I guess Dad told you that we were able to get Ansel's name, as well as yours and Cody's, on the Nauvoo prayer roll answering machine last night.
We will be anxiously awaiting updates on his condition and are praying for a speedy recovery for each of you.
We love you all so much.
Let us know when you're up for a visit again and we;ll try to get over there as quickly as possible. Mom

Jay Sneddon said...

These setbacks are pretty scary. Another God granted miracle that you guys were able to get Ansel back in for help.

Get well soon everyone. We've reramped up the prayers in your behalf. The kids all are praying hard for Ansel.

cassandra said...

Wow! So much great news since I was last on. I went to see Ansel the last time I wrote. I didn't know I would have to tromp through the bushes, so I passed on that. The nurses informed me that Kerri was in the hospital but not in the NICU. So sorry I missed you and that I am a bum about that. Please know that our prayers continue to be with you. May Ansel cross this current hurdle with flying colors! How is Kerri doing? Didn't see any current on that. I was so excited to see Ansel in the hat I made. I bet he has had a new hat for each day. That will be something to remember!

Lots of love, Cassandra and family