Tuesday, June 13, 2006

6 months old!

Today Ansel hits his 6 month birthday! It is also his cousin Emma's third birthday today. Happy Birthday Emma! He got to meet his cousins from Louisiana this week. (Olivia-5 Emma-3 and Karina-1) (My sister Roya's three girls.) Her husband Carlo is in the army and stationed at Fort Polk.
Later this week Ansel's Aunt Lorelle is getting married and he'll get to meet up with more family... two family reunions two weekends in a row... not bad!
Last week Ansel was 11 lbs. 14 oz, so I imagine he's a little over 12 pounds now.

We also tested him out on a little rice cereal.. mostly a couple of bites. At this point its more for entertainment than nutrition.. he smiled a lot and got it everywhere except in his stomach!

Sometimes the thumb just isn't enough

Olivia... Starts 1st grade next year; Decided (during Emma's birthday party) she didn't like September anymore.. June is a much better birthday month.

Emma...tough little girl. This past week she was in the hospital for several days after they found out she has diabetes. Big adjustment for any age, especially for only being three.

Karina.. specializes in walking and giving out kisses.


Anonymous said...

Awww...thanks for putting up pics of the girls! (especially my favorite one of Karina!) we were all so excited to meet Ansel last weekend - he is such a cutie! Olivia and Emma thought he was pretty much the best thing ever!
Love you! Roya

Anonymous said...

What a blessed Grandma I am! Look at these precious, wonderful grandbabies!

KAT said...

Fun! I love family get togethers. Grow Ansel grow, he is looking wonderful.

Barbra Van Shaar said...

Hi Kerri & Cody,
Your mom told me about the family get-together that was planned while Roya, Carlo & family were there. It looks like it actually worked out. It was fun to see the pictures posted of your sweet nieces.

Ansel is looking great. Sounds like he is an absolutely normal baby--cereal everwhere but in the mouth! We always wondered why there was more cereal everywhere after we fed our kids than there was when we started out. How does cereal multiply when it is supposed to be consumed? One of life's mysteries.

Barbra Van Shaar