Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Babying our puppy?

I came out to find this the other day.. I guess she found one of Ansel's really old pacifiers in his toy box. (Didn't know there were any around still!) She's quite fond of it though.

Also, she's a kind of puppy that doesn't maintain their body temperature well. She'll sit there shivering sometimes.. with some of the weather we've had lately. So I gave in a bought her a sweater... (Ansel picked it out because it had the little fuzzy balls on it.) She wasn't sure of it at first.. as in that first picture, but she doesn't mind it at all now if she's cold (usually that's the only time we put it on.. if she's shivering).


Steph said...

Love it! She looks so stylish and chic. All the dogs will be jealous. I think it's so good for kids to have a dog and it looks like Ansel adores her! They will be best friends for life.

Billy and Amanda Cole said...

She is so funny!! I love the pacifier. And that sweater, is great! She looks so cute. I bet Ansel is just loving having her around.

Michelle Church said...

LOL I love how she likes the pacifier. Cute little sweater. I bet Ansel loves having a playmate

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