Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Blessing day

Ansel was blessed at church this past Sunday! It was a great day that we were able to share with lots of friends and family. Here's a few pictures of his big day.

Ansel got to visit with Amy, his NICU respiratory therapist! He must have been glad to see her because he sure gave her a lot of smiles.

Pictured out!

Cousin Lindsey and Ansel meet again! Lindsey was born a few weeks before Ansel.


Anonymous said...

He is such a little miracle! He doesn't look much like a preemie anymore, his mommy and daddy and family are doing such a wonderful job!! What a beautiful baby!!!

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Kimberly Cleveland said...

Our family was very grateful to be able to attend Ansel's blessing. I don't think Cody had said two words when I teared up! What tremendous blessings we have experienced the last few months. I am glad Ansel is doing so great and Kerri is finally healing completely. I was fortunate to attend the baby shower in March. I realized at that time how lucky Ansel is to have such great parents as Cody and Kerri. Kerri seemed like she had been a mother all her life with the grace and gentleness she handles Ansel. I caught Cody singing hymns to his little boy and again teared up at the sight.

One other quick note--how fun to see a pic of Lindsey on the blog! Ansel is catching up very fast. He doesn't look much smaller than her these days. Lindsey is 2 weeks older is all. It was so fun having the two of them together. (Ansel was a trooper with all of Lindsey's curious reaching out and touching--glad she didn't poke his eye!)

Cody & Kerri--I love you a lot and am proud to be Ansel's aunt!

Kim Cleveland said...

One more important note to add to my epistle:

Happy Mother's Day!