Thursday, September 07, 2006

Rolling over

Ansel has officially found out how to escape his dreaded tummy time. Sunday he started rolling over (from tummy to back). Now ANY time he gets put on his tummy, he pushes up, then throws his head back (he can get some pretty good momentum into that head throw!) and rolls over. I don't think he has the same incentive to learn how to roll the other way yet. It's fun watching him try to figure things out.

He's also progressed with cameras. It used to be that he'd be smiling and then, upon seeing a camera, he'd stop and stare at it. Now he can be crying pretty hard, but as soon as he sees the camera he flashes that adorable grin.

He's tried a few baby food veggies.. sweet potatoes, green beans, etc. but he's still not into the whole idea of spoons and doesn't eat more than a few spoonfuls at a time. He does, however, LOVE to drink water from a glass. He gets excited to watch the glass fill up with ice and water from the fridge door, and once it's done he reaches for it and wants to keep drinking it for awhile.

Enjoying bath time

I got you Daddy!

Balancing act

Where's Ansel?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update and for the adorable new pictures. I love to show him off by sending out the blog address so my friends can see the baby I'm always bragging about.
Grandma M.

Barbra Van Shaar said...

Kerri & Cody,
How nice to see Ansel continuing to grow strong & happy. What a great blessing for your whole family. He is such a cutie. I'm glad that you still update with new pictures from time to time. We're still interested!
Barbra Van Shaar