Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Loving bath time!

Ansel LOVES bathtime. He even laughs when the shower sprays over him.

It is getting harder to control him. He crawls off or, as seen in this picture, bends over and tries to drink or blow bubbles in the water.

That splash was bigger than I expected!

Hiding in my toy basket

Past bedtime?

(Speaking of bedtime, there've been multiple night awakenings lately! Possibly due to more teething? The two top middle ones are coming in. You can see them, but can't quite feel them yet as the gums are so swollen around them. )


Anonymous said...

Hi Handsome! It's always a treat to see new pics of you and read what you're up to. Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you. Grandma M.

cat and danny said...

Such a little cutie! Looks like he'll be a good little swimmer!

cat -

KAT said...

My daughter drinks bath water too, it grosses me out, but she seems to think it's good.

KAT said...

Okay, it's been a month, it's officially time for another update!