Thursday, May 17, 2007

A day at the zoo

Ansel took his first trip to the zoo yesterday. We went with my friends Melinda and Jovi and their kids. It was a bit crazy at first.. of all days to go we just happened to hit a day where there where a million school groups there!! But then most of them left and it was a nice, enjoyable day. We got lucky with perfect weather too. It'd just rained the day before and cooled things down a bit.

Eliza, Wyatt, and Ethan in their cute new wagon

The peacock strutted his stuff for us

The otter showed off a little too.. it became known as the "water cat" by the kids!

Ansel loves trains....

So we ended up taking a little ride,

which he REALLY enjoyed

Luckily, we were even able to get a naptime in for Ansel!!

It was naptime for some of the animals too.. the cheetahs, mountain lions, bears, tigers, etc. Not a lot of excitement that time of day!

The monkey family, however, was very entertaining. There were two younger monkeys that were chasing each other all over the place. The kids got very excited watching them.

Watch out for the ostriches! This one bit Melinda's foot! Luckily she was wearing tennis shoes!

I always forget how big the hippos are until I see them! Definitely wouldn't want to mess with one of those!

Ansel got to feed the giraffe some crackers. (That was tricky... as I mentioned in the last video post, he loves crackers and it's his new word he uses all the time.. Needless to say, it was a task to get him to feed it to the giraffe and not himself!!)

Looks cute, but kind of rude.. they'd let Ansel pet him (which he loved doing) as long as he was holding a cracker, but once the crackers were gone they snorted on him (pretty big gust of air!)and walked off... I was left with a disappointed boy!

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Anonymous said...

You should turn your day at the zoo post into a little book for Ansel. The pictures and text were enjoyable reading. Nice pictures; it sounded like a fun day.