Friday, October 26, 2007

Developmental Checkup

Sorry it's been so long!! Well, Ansel had his developmental checkup with his NICU doctor recently (he has them about every 6 months until he's 3 years old. ) He's doing great! They said he's really on target with language, fine motors skills and pretty much everything except size. Also his walking is more in the 15-18 month range (getting closer to running, but not quite there yet). Yeah, he was only 19 lbs. 12ounces... (they weighed without clothes) so he really is almost 20lbs.... and he was a little over 31", so he gained another inch atleast. His head growth has always been good (and is even above the 10th percentile on the 2 year old growth chart) so that's good considering his size. They said to try and keep him on about 24 ounces of Pedisure a day until he's two (adjusted... so next March). His doctor said he's thrilled with his progress considering his start. His hearing and vision are great too, and he really hasn't had to have any speech or physical therapy. His doctor's ordered synagis shots again (RSV protection). . . just as doctor appointments were becoming easier, he's going to start getting a shot once a month again!!! (After shots last seaon, any time he'd get stuck on a scale he'd scream like crazy because he assumed a shot or two would follow. If he could make the association last year, I'm sure he'll really know what's going on this year!)

***Oh yes, I have a little story to add too. My child has begun making fun of people. (Well, he was probably just imitating... but it was pretty funny) I took my little sister to the Veteran's hospital in Kansas City the other day, and this guy who was wearing sagging pants and had a little bit of a strut walked past Ansel. Just then Ansel sunk down a little and started walking really funny (I've never seen him do this "walk"before) and then he started pointing at the guy! Luckily the guy was walking away from us so he didn't see it!


Anonymous said...

Hey this is Kayla Deckard. I went by the junior high last night and got to see some pictures of Ansel and decided to come look at the site again. He has grown up so much. What a cutie, glad to see you're doing well.

Kerri & Cody said...

Thanks for commenting Kayla!! It's great to hear from you! I hope everything's going well for you too!