Wednesday, January 16, 2008

New things Ansel is doing

I thought I'd update a little about what Ansel is doing (language wise, etc) Back around his birthday, he began learning many of his colors. He consistently knows about 10 colors (I think all the Christmas lights helped a little with that interest he has.. although he'll point to pretty much anything and tell what color it is, especially trucks and cars.) He'll say all of them except for red(brown, pink, white, green, blue, black, orange, yellow, and purple) If I ask him to pick up something red, he will; but if you point to something red and ask what color is it... he almost always calls it yellow!

He also likes counting. He'll consistently counts to five.... beyond that you'll sometimes hear an eight or ten thrown in there. He likes dumping things though and counting as he puts them back. He'll also count all his cars and trucks, as he lines them up like they're in a parking lot.

Aside from that.. he knows a lot of words, but his main sentences are "My big _____" (truck, Daddy, etc) and "I love_____" or "I like______" (He loves and likes nearly everything right now) So of course it just thrills Daddy to hear him say "I love pink" or "I love purple".. or my favorite at dinnertime once (he was talking about this one particular book he has) when he said "I love big cute guy". Daddy's really working on teaching him "nice" instead of "cute" and "pretty"!

You definitely have to watch what you say though! One day I dropped or spilled something and said "Crap." (Good one Mommy) Later that evening... Ansel dropped one of his cars and said "crap". Then.. when Cody asked him, "What'd you say?!", he quickly replied, "I said Uh-oh"!! If his first response didn't surprise us, the second one sure did!

He's also quite taken with his cousin Jewell and is always "talking"to her on his toy phones and saying "I love love love Jewell" (That's another thing.... quite often he'll add 3-5 "love"'s in his sentences when he really likes something!)

These next couple of pictures I couldn't resist putting on. We have one of those soft folding chairs.. which Ansel can be quite possessive of. Apparently it's pretty comfortable for him!


cat and danny said...

Kerri I can't believe how much Ansel looks just like his hot Momma! :) Hey I wanted to call you last night but I didn't have your phone number. Can you email it to me? Thanks!

KAT said...

There is a picture book I read once that had a little chair that looked like that one. The story was about the little girl who was very possesive of it, she learned to share it in the end.