Saturday, April 26, 2008

Little Conductor


Ansel loves music.. and usually loves just dancing to it.. Lately, though, (especially with his classical music) he likes to "conduct" to it as well. I caught him in the car the other day while he was listening to his music!


Anonymous said...

We may be looking at a future MTC conductor. Isn't he great! :)Grandma M.

Michelle Church said...

Such a cute video!! I just love when kiddos do cute things. Makes like seem so innocent and simple!! Thank you for sharing!!

Michelle Church said...

Sorry, I meant "life" instead of "like" (:

KAT said...


Brandi Hastings said...

Hey Kerri! I found your blog! Your little boy is adorable! You look great too! I haven't seen you in forever! How are things? visit my blog;
I would love to hear from you!

Roya said...

Seriously cute, but I really want to know how you were driving and taking video at the same time!