Friday, May 23, 2008

My little character

Oh there's always so many new stories at this age, I never seem to get them all written down! Ansel's talking a ton and likes to be the one to say the prayer (with help of course) Usually he'll repeat what we say.. but sometimes he'll throw in his own stuff (For example: every time we use the word "for", instead of repeating "for" he'll say "five" (yeah.. he likes counting too).

I had his swing out to wash the cover... he climbed right in and hung out there for 10 minutes or more.. and it still swung him too! (I guess he's probably still in the weight range!)

Ansel with his buddy Olivia.. he's actually 13 months older than her.. but they usually play really well together and always get so excited to see each other at church. It's really cute to watch them play... they're both so funny!

I think Ansel was definitely ready for a nap this day!
Ansel loves getting on the scale (and always says "Two Two") Usually it says 21 or 21.5 lbs. but on a good day (shoes and all ) he'll hit 22 (or "two two").

Ansel likes to make sure the toilet paper holder is filled (it holds three). We came in one day and he had it stacked with 9 or 10 rolls!

I had to put a picture of our new bathroom trim too! Cody did it a couple of weeks ago.. It makes the bathroom finally look finished! :)

*Also, sorry about the mismatched text! I always try to line it up with the pictures when I'm creating the post... but it never really seems to work out! There's gotta be an easier way (any tips are welcome :) )


Michelle Church said...

Very cute pictures. I just love hearing about the cute things little kids say and do! It's just so innocent and precious. I'm glad you're enjoying your little one!!

Steph said...
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Steph said...

Sorry, I don't have any tips doing pictures on blogger, but...I can't believe I found you on blogger! This is Scott Westwood's wife Stephanie. Anyway, I'm so psyched that I found your blog so randomly. You should check out our blog too. And you should email me sometime so that we can catch up. I can't believe how big Ansel is, he's become a little boy since I saw him last at the wedding. He's so cute!! So I hope to hear from you soon! P.S. I had to delete my previous comment to correct something. :)

KAT said...

Ansel is so cute!