Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Ansel was a cute little monkey this year and had a lot of fun saying "trick or treat" to everyone! I didn't think he was going to wear the costume at all because he'd never try it on, but he finally did on Halloween day and kept it on pretty much the whole day! (Once he realized it would get him candy... suddenly being a monkey was a lot of fun!) ... Also.. a little flashback at his first two Halloween costumes. I think the Bob one was definitely the best (and was perfect for him).

It was a full day though.. first we went trick or treating at Daddy's work.. then the square (met up with some friends there), then the ward trunk or treat.. and ended at Grandma's house! At Grandma's house Ansel would run to the door every time he'd hear the door bell and greet the trick or treaters.


Justin Compton Family said...

I agree, Bob is the cutest.

Michelle Church said...

Cutest little monkey ever!!

Roya said...

Kerri, it's not Halloween anymore! How about some new pics? haha - like I'm one to talk!