Thursday, March 26, 2009

Video trouble

Well, I have actually tried to do a few posts... but they were all video posts and for the life of me I cannot seem to get my videos to upload with my newer camera. I can watch them on the computer.. but have tried uploading through blogger and youtube with no luck. (I don't have this problem though if I use a video from my older camera.. that I no longer have) I really like my camera.. I'd just like to figure out the video part of it!! When they save to the computer.. it shows two different icons (one with a picture for it and another blank looking one with a play button.) Both of them have the exact same file name... but it's almost like I somehow need to try to combine the two in order for all the information to be there to upload right!! Hopefully I'll get it figured out one of these days. If you're better with this kind of stuff than I am and have any ideas I'd love to hear them!!

We're all doing well though. We just got back from our trip to Utah on Sunday. Cody's grandparents live out there so we drove out with Mom over her spring break. Our niece Jewell got to come too. Ansel and I went out with them last year, but it was nice that Cody got to come along with us this time! I think Ansel enjoyed all the extra Daddy time too! We also got to see Cody's sister Melinda and her family! They live in Idaho so we don't get to see them too often. The weather was amazing this year! I brought warmer stuff after last year, but didn't need a coat at all and rarely even needed a jacket! (Luckily that meant perfect weather to drive in as well.. last year was a little crazy in a places and it was hard to see driving at times with all the snow!)Yeah.. we got lucky this year! I'll try to post some pics from the trip in after while. I usually put some on facebook too... which is partly why I've been slacking with pictures here.. because it's easier to just post the pictures with a caption of them on there! I'll try to be better though. Hopefully I can figure out the video thing soon too.. I've had some cute ones. Ansel does a cute "thriller" dance!

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Steph said...

The weather out here has been awesome. You came at a perfect time! Glad you had a fun trip!