Saturday, March 06, 2010

35 weeks! Getting close!

Well, the countdown just keeps getting closer and closer! I'm very excited to get to see little Eli! The ultrasound this week shows him weighing about 5lbs. 5 ounces already, so he should be a good size by the time he gets here! Oh.. and he has cute little chubby cheeks already... at least it appears that way in the pictures they gave me :) They're still monitoring things well. My clotting times got too slow again so they raised my heparin dosage again. I'm on twice weekly doctor visits though so they're watching things well. I also have fetal stress tests at both of those visits each week and so far everything looks great :) I've started swelling a little.. but I just have to remind myself that's actually normal this far along! I'm still wearing my wedding ring though (barely some days.. but it's still there for now!) We're VERY blessed that everything's going so well!

Oh, and he's still breech.. but he's still been moving because some days he's sideways (which REALLY feels great on my crater of an incision.. yeah right!) They said it is easier with c-sections as well if he's head down.. but I'm having a c-section anyway.. so I guess if he doesn't turn then it won't mess up the game plan too much! I'm a little nervous about the c-section itself. They said it'll likely be pretty long as they're going to try to take out all the old scar tissue from last time, since it grew closed from pretty much all the way down! (and along with that comes a fairly high risk of hitting the bladder since it's likely attached to all the scar adhesions! I guess that's not altogether uncommon though (hitting the bladder).. and apparently the bladder will heal up on its own (if you keep a catheter in for 5-10 days to help with the healing process.. so it's probably not too big of a deal if that happens! Still doesn't sound pleasant though!) I just hope I get to be awake for it this time! As long as I get off the heparin in time in order to get an epideral I should be fine! (I only have to stop a couple of doses before I guess.. and since i do the injections 3 times a day I should be able to get off of them in time for that!) Anyway.. the next few weeks should be pretty exciting! (On a separate note nursing school's going great.. I really enjoy it! I'm grateful that they're working with me well also!)

**Oh, if you look at the pictures of Eli that's actually his foot in front of his face, with his little fist right above his foot!


Tiff said...

So precious! I hope things continue to go well for you, Kerri!

KAT said...

Hooray for things going so well this time around. Planning for a surgery must be unnerving. I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

Steph said...

Holy moly! I see Ansel in your belly! Eli is a spittin' image. Still praying for you guys to have a safe delivery.

Michelle Church said...

love that picture of you! such a beautiful belly!