Thursday, February 03, 2011

Zero Heroes.. and other snow fun :)

Well,  I don't think this week has been so bad even though we've been snowed in! We have our family, and electricity and running water.. what more could you ask for :)   We haven't played in the snow too much since I don't want to take Eli out in it for very long, but Cody was off work yesterday so we got out there some!  Cody and Ansel built a little snow fort so they could have their "zero heroes" camp out, (and it got to -7 degrees.. so it was definitely below zero!)  I guess there is a scouting badge called zero heroes.  Cody's going to have Ansel so ready for scouting by the time he gets there.  He's always showing him a new knot to tie or something fun to do.  He's such a good dad.  Anyway, Cody told him about this and he was so excited.  They made it through the night with only one phone call to me, because Ansel wanted a pillow, and since the fort was in our front yard. I ran one out to him :)  I asked if he was cold and he said no, and that he was warm. Cody's a pro at this kind of stuff though and they had good sleeping bags so I wasn't too worried.  I considered doing it too,  but I think Eli's just a bit too young for it yet! I don't think he would have liked being confined in a sleeping bag either. Cody had to wake Ansel up in the morning so he could get to work and the first thing Ansel asked was.. "where's my badge?"  haha.. I think it will be a fun memory for him! 

Here's the link to the rest of the snow pics:

Here's another link for more pics of the boys from January:

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